New Restaurant on 10th Brings Bubble Tea to Prep


Sophia Magnano

O Maki Teriyaki will bring boba tea and other treats to North Capitol Hill.

Sophia Magnano and Ben Burman

Pagliacci’s, Copper Tree, and The Gyro House are frequently visited by Prep students and teachers. It may be assumed that with only three convenient out-of-school lunch and after-school snack options, food may become a little repetitive during the school year. For those hoping for a little more variety, 10th street will be offering a new option as of mid-November!

O Maki Rolls + Teriyaki is owned by Veronica Utz, mother of Prep students Ella and Justine Utz 24’. The original O Maki Rolls + Teriyaki is in Greenwood.

The restaurant will be serving sushi rolls, poke, teriyakis, Japanese curry, and bubble tea from 11 am to 9 pm every day. With the option for countertop seating or food to go, it will be perfect for on-the-go lunch, after-school, and after-practice snacks. Prep students and faculty will also be offered a 10% discount in the restaurant’s opening month.

Other than bringing another great food and beverage option to North Capitol Hill, Utz says, “Our goal is to modernize the perception of a traditional mom-and-pop teriyaki shop, meanwhile maintaining the familiarity and taste we all grow up eating. We also hope to bring the traditional sushi experience to a more modern, creative, and affordable way of roll making.” Overall, the restaurant will be an exponential addition to Prep’s food options and allow for a broader scope of cuisine in the area.