Panther Pack is Back, Ready to Rally 


Panther Pack roars after a touchdown made by Casey Carlisimo, during the Prep vs. Blanchet football game on September 30th.

Margot Gwynn, Online Editor

In the warmth of the McHugh Gymnasium, cheers of “Let’s Get Rowdy” and “Keep on Trucking All the Way” echo off the walls and fuel the volleyball team’s determination. Waving fists and chants of encouragement are hurled at the football players competing fiercely under the blazing lights of West Seattle Stadium. At any Prep sporting event, it is impossible to overlook how passionate students are about their mighty Panthers. The group behind it all? Panther Pack. And with fall sports in full throttle, Prep’s spirit group has reunited yet again to show enduring support for student athletes in a more focused and organized way. 

Although Prep lacks a traditional school spirit group, such as a cheerleading squad, the seniors in Panther Pack never fail to rile up fans and build enthusiasm that athletes can use for motivation during competition. Previously only a club, Panther Pack has evolved into an official window class “to provide more structure and time dedicated to getting our school spirit the best it can be,” said Ms. Haywood, one of the group’s faculty advisors. “We want to create ways for the main core of Panther Pack to get solid processes and structure for different events as well as create accountability for our members to dedicate the time and detail needed to bring our spirit to the next level at sporting events throughout the year,” she said.  

As early as freshman year, students recognize the impact that Prep’s spirit group has on not just athletes, but the entire student body. Maya Lind ’23, now one of the group’s enthusiastic cheerers, recalled her memories of hearing Panther Pack’s roars as a freshman. Lind stated, “Upperclassmen before me were able to make the games so much more memorable and made me feel more included in the student section, so I wanted other kids to feel that too.” 

Haywood recognizes that it’s a common experience for young students to be charmed by Prep’s fierce school spirit. She stated, “My biggest goal for this year is to create a solid foundation for Panther Pack to carry on in the years to come and to get underclassmen excited for their involvement in the core of our spirit when they become seniors.” 

When speaking of her involvement with the group, Sarah O’Connell ’23, another Panther Pack member, “I have always admired Prep’s school spirit and wanted to be able to contribute to the electric energy we produce at sporting events. I wanted to set an example for underclassmen about how much we value support at Prep so that they could carry on the tradition.” 

Above all else, Panther Pack is reflective of the camaraderie that all students experience at Prep. “It brings our school together as a community and is a reminder that we are all here to support each other and stick by each other’s sides,” said O’Connell. 

Students can look forward to a year full of well-attended and spirited sporting events, because for the benefit of both the players and the fans, Panther Pack will be cheering on Prep’s relentlessly hardworking athletes to show their panther pride.