Prep’s Favorite Summer Songs

Keira Munko, Staff Writer

It’s summer, and a group of friends is blasting music in a car. Suddenly, their favorite song comes on. The feeling that song provokes is unmatched. It doesn’t matter when or where someone hears music they love, it will always be enjoyable. However, there is something about hearing it in summer that makes it just that much better. It could be the lack of stress from school, or just the summer vibes. Either way, the experience is elevated. Everyone has at least one song, music artist, or genre of music that makes them feel this way. Whether it be pop, rock or country, everyone enjoys a different genre.

Faith Paulson ’25 has a love for country music. The song that excited her this summer is “Outrunnin’ Your Memory” by Luke Combs and Miranda Lambert. Luke Combs also happens to be her favorite artist. “I really like how he has a variation of different country music songs,” said Paulson.

For Eden Shoultz ‘24, 80s music is her go to. Her anthem this summer was “California Dreamin’” by The Mamas & The Papas. There are two music artists with a place in her heart, Queen and John Denver. She really likes “how different they are from newer music and how they have very unique styles.”

Everyone has at least one song they are fond of, but some people’s love of music goes beyond that. Finn Donahue ‘23 has a list of songs that he enjoys. “Where are we going” by Marvin Gaye, “Summer Highland Falls” by Billy Joel, “Lavender Girl” by Caamp, and “Tin Man” by America are some of his favorites. He loves classic rock and is also a big fan of the Grateful Dead. “They have very good live albums, and they’re timeless,” said Donahue.

These are just a few examples of the songs and artists that people are so passionate about. It’s clear to see how diverse music is. Everyone’s music taste is so different, but the enjoyment people receive from the songs they love is the same. Although summer is now over, hearing a favorite summer song will always bring back those wonderful memories of blasting music in the car with friends.