Desirable Fall Deserts and Dishes

Bridget Cannon and Kate Cannon

As fall approaches and the leaves start to turn, pumpkin and other fall flavors begin to make their way into the homes of students and faculty here at Seattle Prep. This compilation of delicious fall recipes for desserts, dinners, and delicacies will bring joy to every household, and will hopefully open your eyes to new foods that you can enjoy throughout the fall months.  

Senior Ava Berard whipped up a quick batch of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for her classmates at senior sunrise. Using Dinner at the Zoo’s recipe “Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins,” Berard created flavorful and chocolatey breakfast bites that everyone enjoyed. Rose Kennedy commented that the muffins “were a great start to the day” while walking to her car after the sunrise. 

Freshman and Junior Collegio teacher Mrs. Vincenzo stated that her favorite fall recipe had to be a whole roast chicken with flavorful root vegetables like carrots and parsnips from her favorite cook book The Barefoot Contessa. She states, “I love the way it makes the house smell; it feels warm and cozy, the dish looks elegant but is actually very simple, and my three kids like it.”

This recipe is usually made as a Sunday dinner in her household throughout the fall and winter months as it is a cozy and comforting dish. The three words she used to describe this delicious roast were “warming, savory, and comforting.”

Dietary restrictions? No problem! One favorite fall dish is a fall inspired vegan lentil chili from Healthy Delicious.

Hopefully, the Seattle Prep faculty and students have given you some mouth-watering dishes and desserts that will help to make your fall that much better.   

If these recipes aren’t exactly appealing to the things you want to make, here are some other flavorsome dishes and desserts!  

If you are craving a fall inspired breakfast, try out these pumpkin pancakes. 

Want something more savory? These potato wedges are the thing for you! 

Needing a warm soup to comfort you on a cold day? Try this stuffed pepper soup!

Feeling more formal? Wanting a sit-down dinner with your family? This Roasted Citrus and herb turkey will do just the trick!