Meet a Freshman: Jackson Decker


Sophia Magnano, Staff Writer

Academics, athletics, and a fantastic campus; What is not to love? This is exactly how freshman Jackson Decker felt when applying to Prep. Coming from St. John, it seemed natural for Decker to apply to Prep and when Decker arrived on his first day, he knew it was the school for him.

Prior to Prep, Decker was nervous about meeting new people, the difficulty of classes, and the commute to school. Nevertheless, Decker finds that he loves everything that Prep has to offer especially, “the people, everyone is super nice and welcoming”.

Decker is a proud member of Xavier Collegio and so far, loves both the class and his teachers. Decker is even more enthusiastic about learning Spanish at Prep with Profe Nemeth this year. With a new school comes exciting and new opportunities, and Decker is taking full advantage of them. Decker has already signed up for both Cooking and Business Club.

Furthermore, Decker plans to join the baseball or the track team in the spring. Besides baseball and track, Decker rows crew for Seattle Scullers. Decker has a younger sister, age 11, who attends St. John, as well as a lizard and a dog. Decker’s favorite food is seafood, specifically lobster. A fun fact about Decker is that he has never broken a bone.