How to Settle-in at Seattle Prep

Ava Tinder, Staff Writer

Welcome back to campus, panthers. As the school year commences, Seattle Prep students, especially freshman, start to get a feel of campus life. Sure, there are the basics. Like what color to wear to the assemblies, tacos served every Tuesday, and how beloved the St. Ignatius statue (Iggy) is. However, the more time spent on panther grounds, the more noticeable all the unspoken rules, norms, and quirks of being a student at Seattle Prep become – here are just a few!

SENIORITY: Like most high schools, seniority exists at Prep and has established many traditions. Though this system may seem flawed to some, it is the basic law of life on campus – that many begin to understand once they inherit the benefits.

  • At sports games the best seat in the house, front row, goes to the Seniors
  • Senior girls wear blue and white pleated skirts to games and on spirit days
  • Only Juniors and Seniors are allowed to eat lunch in the Great Room
  • Junior and Senior girls use tote bags instead of backpacks
  • Juniors wear short dresses and Seniors were long dresses to Prom

DANCES and EVENTS: The student section, assemblies, spirit days, sports games, and dances are the best opportunities for students to show their Panther Pride and become more integrated into the community.

  • Bring an extra pair of sneakers to get down in the mosh pit. Heels and dress shoes hold back full dancing potential!
  • A great way to capture moments at dances and other Prep events is to find Mr. Chism. He always has a camera and walks around to take photos – then releases them in an email to the student body. No one captures candid pictures better than Chism, and they serve as a great way to reminisce on your time at Seattle Prep.
  • Always stay until the fight song, especially after a big win
  • Learn the cheers by watching Panther Pack lead them, and following along with the crowd