Have You Been Real?


Annie Roske, Editor-In-Chief

The most stressful part of the day for most Prep students surprisingly isn’t a test or being cold-called on in Collegio, but instead it’s getting the notification that they have two minutes to post their BeReal.

BeReal was first released in 2020 as an app that combined the best features from Snapchat and Instagram. It notifies users once a day to post a photo that captures both the front and back view, showing exactly what they are doing at that time. All the posts are then showed to users’ friends on the app in a feed style, much like Instagram. The goal of the app is to get users to be real and show the actual thing they are doing the minute they get the notification, whether it be homework, eating lunch, going to a concert, or brushing their teeth. Users’ friends can comment and react to the post, but once the notification is sent the next day, all posts disappear.

The app gained popularity nationally at the beginning of 2022, but it really took of on the Prep campus Spring of 2022. Given that the notification can go off at any point during the day, often Prep students get notified between the hours of 7:45 am and 2:40 pm. Here are some of the best BeReals taken at Prep since the app took the world by storm last year!