Ask Margot: How do I make the most of my summer?


Margot Gwynn, Online Editor

Panthers, summer is upon us. Long days of warmth and relaxation lie ahead. The few months we have of break inevitably pass by quicker than any of us can imagine, and it’s hard to know how to best make use of your time. Here are a few of my best recommendations.

Try something new. During the school year, we can feel swamped down with obligations that crowd our schedules, so when we hit break, we sometimes feel directionless. Summer is the perfect time to do what you’ve been putting off these past few months. If you’ve been wanting to get your first job or learn how to cook, sew, paint, rock climb, speak a new language, or play pickleball, now is a perfect time.

Secondly, exploring the outdoors is also never a bad idea. Take a day trip to the Olympic Peninsula and wander through the lush Hoh Rain Forest or hike up Hurricane Ridge to see the expansive, snow-capped mountains surrounding the trail. Go on a whale-watching cruise up in the San Juan Islands and try to spot some killer whales. Head east to find rolling hills, thousands of acres of fossilized Ginkgo trees, and countless tranquil lakes. Even here in Seattle, there’s an abundance of picturesque hikes and viewpoints to enjoy. Whatever it is you choose to see or do, try to appreciate some of the natural wonders our state has to offer this summer.

Next, you can always continue your academic pursuits in the off months. Whether it’s reading a few books that Ms. Borgen or Ms. Lovejoy have recommended to you, studying for the SAT/ACT, or exploring a new concept on Khan Academy, the learning journey doesn’t have to end just because the school year has.

Most importantly, take a break. Summer is for relaxing and enjoying yourself. Take advantage of the extra time you have with your friends and family and enjoy the sun. Have a great next couple of months, Prep. See you next year!