Saying Farewell to Prep’s Best


Clockwise from top left: Sarah Bost, Matt Butler, Regina Melonson, Mel White, Darren Greve, Jolene Boyle.

Audrey Cromett, Staff Writer

Four jobs, three clubs, thirty-six years. Ms. Jolene Boyle has created a legacy that will impact Seattle Prep even after she is gone. Throughout her entire career at Prep, Boyle has helped hundreds of students. Whether that was in the Collegio classroom, drama program, community ministry, or counseling office, Boyle was always putting others needs before her own.

Boyle founded the widely loved Young Women’s Retreat as well as coffeehouse and OneVoice. When asked about those experiences, she said, “I am forever grateful to those brave students who stepped out of their comfort zones to create something outstanding.” At the time, Seattle Prep was the only Jesuit high school in the country with a gay-straight alliance, something that she will always be proud of. After years of hard work in the education system, Boyle will be ending her career at Prep and will instead, expand her private practice as a licensed mental health therapist working with young teens and their parents. She looks forward to having more balance in her life which will allow her to “spend more time doing what I tell everyone else to do, relax!”

In 1994 the Seattle Prep Learning Resource Center (LRC) was founded with just twelve students and one teacher, Ms. Regina Melonson. After graduating college, Melonson looked to become a scientist however, life took her in another direction where she ended up in the tutoring department. “Teaching at prep helped me realize that we needed something more systemic to help students with learning” she stated, and so the LRC was formed. Melonson has provided 28 years of service to the community, and this will be her last.

Similar to Ms. Boyle, Melonson looks forward to finding more balance in her life and spending time with her family. When asked what she looks forward to the most, she emphatically responded, “travel, travel, travel!” Come next September when students will be returning to campus for the start of the school year, Melsonson will be starting a three-week vacation to Europe. Maybe she will see Mr. Butler! She will be missed however, the Regina Melonson Learning Resource Center will always be a part of Prep.

Whether it was Collegio or standalone History classes, Mr. Matt Butler did it all. He spent the past 15 years working tirelessly at Seattle Prep and sadly, this year will be his last. When asked about what he would miss the most, he stated, “Colleagues and students. One of the best things about this place is that you get to show up and work with a bunch of awesome young men and women.”

Butler will surely be missed; however, his future looks full of fun. At the end of the school year, he and his family will embark on a year and a half journey to Almunecar, Spain. Living abroad has always been something he has wanted to do and figured “if you don’t do it now, then you probably won’t ever do it.” He hopes that this experience will broaden his sons’ perspectives on the world as well as allow him to experience a new culture. For example, instead of heading right to Collegio after lunch, he will be headed back home for a “siesta” and instead of enjoying Prep’s famous cookies, he will be chowing down on croquetas de jamon. Butler’s loud voice and infectious smile will be missed on the Prep campus, but it will also make Spain a better place!

A quick flight from Spain will land you in Turkey which is where you can find Mr. Darren Greve next year. After a very enjoyable one-year stint at Seattle Prep, Greve will be starting a new journey working as a science teacher at international school, Robert College. He will be using his skills to develop an environmental education program something he looks forward to very much. It was a bittersweet decision for Greve to make as he stated, “I appreciate Prep’s approach to cura personalis and how it is manifested not only in every student but each faculty member as well.”

Turkey is widely known for its incredible paragliding and Greve is extremely excited to continue developing his paragliding skills. In Seattle, it can be difficult to find the right place to enjoy this hobby but lucky for Greve, Istanbul will provide everything he needs and more!

After six years working with the Panthers, Ms. Sarah Bost will be taking a gap year to “give myself a break and reconnect after two years of pandemic teaching.” Six years ago, Bost started the Pep Band during Window period and now teaches not only the Pep Band but Jazz Band and music classes! Instead of read sheet music every day, she will be reading software and continue working as a marketer for software companies where she can be creative and experience new things.

Taking a break will allow Bost to renew her love of many things included multiple hobbies that were put on hold. She looks forward to taking care of her plants, doing arts and crafts for fun, and reading a wide variety of books. On top of all this, Bost hopes that she can finally work on her online portfolio of jazz curriculum that will teach kids all about jazz! Before leaving, she wants to give the Prep community one final message— “It’s OK to make a big change. Experimentation is great, at any age. You can reinvent yourself anytime.”

One more truly beloved teacher that will be leaving is Ms. Mel White. After gracing Seattle Prep with her presence for six years, she will be taking an exciting step forward in her career and will assume the role of Associate Athletic Director at the Bush school. Yes, it is another Seattle school however it is not in the metro league so the Panther’s will not need to worry about facing her on the field.

When prompted about a favorite memory she gave an overview and said, “I will miss interacting with the students every day because everyone is so fun and spirited!” This new opportunity will allow White to take on a larger role in athletics and she will definitely do it justice. In her parting words she gave this advice, “enjoy competing, enjoy the moments with your teammates, and make the most of it. Soak up all that you can.” Even though students will no longer be able to pop into her office to say high or grab a piece of candy, White will remain close by and says that she will definitely be spotted on the sidelines in the signature Prep blue and white!