Senior Advice


Beni Jurion and Hobbs Hegedus

After four years at Prep, and seven years of friendship, we have some sage advice to disperse to future generations. But of course, we both do not agree on everything, so here are six questions we asked each other that we hope can help others on their journey here.

Best places to bike around Prep 

 Beni: “The best place in my opinion to bike around Prep is first to cross 520.I think crossing the bridge is in fact the best place because it provides the best view of Lake Washington, especially on a sunny day. But it is all just one lane, there are many pedestrians who are walking on the wrong side of the path. Another place that is fun to bike, and this is where I have actually biked with Hobbs, is on the Burke-Gilman. I like biking on the Burke because you can use that trail to go to many different viewpoints such as Gas Works, U Village, Magnuson, etc.”
Hobbs: “Of course, the Burke-Gilman is the obvious answer, but if we’re talking specifics, I would say the stretch over by Ivar’s towards Gasworks is the best scenic-wise. That stretch gives you the postcard view of Seattle.”

Best spot to vibe  

Beni: “The leather room is definitely an underrated place if you get permission to go. It has comfy couches and has a nice ambiance. The perfect place for a meeting or a journalism interview.” 

Hobbs: “The Great room 100%, I go there frequently to eat or just sit down for my free periods.”

Best place to eat lunch 

Beni: “Definitely the best place to vibe is the Great Room. The Great Room in my opinion provides a fantastic atmosphere for both relaxation and productive work. The windows bracketing the Room allow the Great Room to exhibit a near surreal experience of the sun flowing into the room. Once you are an upperclassman, this place is the best for lunch and if you have a free period.”
Hobbs: “The Great Room of course. It has food, a great view, and plenty of seating. Plus, when it’s warm you can go outside and eat on the balcony. Honestly, the Great Room is one of the greatest perks of being a Senior. In my opinion, the cafeteria and Commons are far too crowded, so this is the best option by far.”

Best bathroom at prep

Beni: “Definitely all the Adelphia ones and the one in Ignatius are the best. The McDonnell one is mediocre at best. Something I don’t like about the male bathrooms in Adelphia is that all the stalls are constantly being used since there are just one per bathroom.”
Hobbs: “All the bathrooms are kind of the same, but I feel the 5th floor or the 2nd-floor ones in Adelphia are the best. My opinion on the fifth floor is based mainly on convenience, but the second floor is likely the best because it is mostly empty as most people forget it is there.” 

Favorite Prep required book

Hobbs: “All the Kings Men is a very solid book. While it may be beefy, everyone I’ve talked to in my seminar agrees it’s a really engaging book. The start is admittedly slow, but after that is immaculate. It’s so good I even talk with people about it outside of class. So, if you can, take Good and Evil (Senior Seminar) to read this.” 

Beni: “While I have unfortunately not read All the King’s Men, (and its 464 pages) I have to admit that All Quiet on the Western Front was my favorite book at Prep. I found this Sophomore war novel very engaging, and yet, very depressing as it accurately shows the German soldiers’ extreme physical and mental stress of war.”

Best edition of the paper?  


Beni: “Definitely this issue!! Ha ha ha I’m totally not biased”
Hobbs: “Anatomy of Prep, (maybe because I did the cover)”