New ASB Share Future Goals and Favorite Past Trends

Delphine Mock, Staff Writer

The 2022-23 ASB Officers were elected on April 14. These representatives shared about themselves in their speeches but here is an opportunity to learn a little more about them. Each representative was asked:

  1. What are you most looking forward to on ASB next year? What goals do you have?
  2. If you could bring back one trend from the past 10 years, what would it be?

Gabe Tanumihardja (Class of 2023 President)–

  1. I’m really looking forward to Olympic week and also planning a big school dance. One of the goals I have is to start selling gum in school.
  2. I want to bring back Gangnam Style. I feel like we were too young to appreciate it at it’s peak. With the rise of k-pop, I say we go back to our origins and rediscover the magic of PSY.

Kenny Ouedraogo (Class of 2025 President) –

  1. I am most looking forward to bringing more policies to Prep that make life for better for the student body, and to make high school a fun and memorable experience for my class!
  2. If I could bring back a trend from the past 10 years, it would be the floss challenge.

Matt Kennedy (Class of 2024 President) –

  1. I’m most excited to receive input from our class and turn it into concrete action.
  2. If I could bring back one trend from the last 10 years, it would be wallet chains for sure

Aki Anandam (Class of 2024 Exec) –

  1. I’m looking forward to Olympic week next year and am already planning the dodgeball event.  My goal is that next year’s Olympic week will be the first one in which the juniors beat the seniors.
  2. I would bring back the floor is lava challenge.

Lane Gooding (Class of 2025 Exec) –

  1. I am looking forward to getting to know the other grades at Prep and becoming closer with my class. One of my goals is to attempt to make Montlake field a better field. I’d like to raise money to buy a scoreboard and/or new bleachers.
  2. A trend I’d like to bring back the slime craze, it was really fun to make with friends!

Alison Choi (Class of 2024 Exec) –

  1. I’m looking forward to another fun year of dances and assembly’s.
  2. I would bring back vine, dabbing, and fidget cubes.

Maya Lind (ASB Exec)–

  1. The thing I am most looking forward to in ASB is getting to interact closely with all grades. I missed not being able to see people that I didn’t share classes with, and next year I wanna catch up on those two years we missed.
  2. If could bring back a trend I would be the “Mannequin Challenge”.

Nick Pickel (Class of 2023 Exec)–

  1. I was on ASB freshman and sophomore year. I really enjoyed bonding with leaders of other grade levels on the shared desire to make ASB events more fun and engaging, and making sure the concerns of our fellow students were heard. My main goal as a class executive has always been to make myself open to anyone who wants to share their concerns, whether they be academic and school-related or not, and help them out with those concerns accordingly. That is again going to be my goal next year, as well as working with my fellow ASB members to come up with ideas to make dances and things like Olympic week even more fun than they already are, which may seem impossible given that they’re so fun already, but we will find a way.
  2. Spontaneous planking. I liked being able to get on top of any hard surface and assert my power without being judged.

Cian Trinen (ASB Exec) –

  1. As an ASB member I am most looking forward to both future assemblies and Olympic Week. I want to make sure all of the events are perfect and are lots of fun for everyone involved. I also want to try to get more activities and “week” type of activities out for Prep students to enjoy.
  2. One trend that I would most likely bring back from 10 years ago would be the Mannequin Challenge. I messed with that trend a lot back in middle school. I have fond memories of my PE teacher making our entire class do it once in class. Plus, Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd is just a great song.

Jane Hurley (ASB President)–

  1. I’m most looking forward to working with all the incredible people on ASB! There’s so many new faces this year and I’m excited to get to know them better. I’m also looking forward to morning announcements – a perk of the job is kicking off second period with call downs, birthdays, and “Roll Prep”. My goals for the year are bringing every Prep tradition to its fullest extent, amplifying student voices whenever possible, and maintaining community as the greatest thing Prep has to offer.
  2. If I could bring back a trend from the last ten years, it would be rainbow loom.

Gianna Shaw (Class of 2025 Exec)–

  1. I am looking forward to planning Olympic Week again because that was such a fun and exciting experience. Next year, I hope to incorporate more student ideas and thoughts into our assemblies, dances, and other activities.
  2. I think it would be fun to bring back the “Try Not to Laugh” or “Fail Compilation” videos on YouTube because sometimes you would find some pretty funny videos and they were pretty entertaining to watch.

Dagmawi Teshome (ASB Exec)–

  1. I am pretty enthusiastic about next year, and each member of ASB has distinct abilities that, when combined, will allow us to do some incredible things. I have one goal for ASB next year: I want everyone at Seattle prep to feel like they are a part of the school.
  2. If I could bring back one trend from the past five years I would bring back fidget spinners.