Read and React: Mitchell’s Musings on Books and Basketball


Gabby Betzer, Staff Writer

Haul out your headphones, Panthers; a promising and powerful podcast has just entered the scene! Please give a warm welcome to Read and React, a marvelous auditory program hosted by Collegio teacher and MC extraordinaire, Mr. Mark Mitchell!

When asked about his motivation to take up the torch and continue Seattle Prep’s rich podcasting legacy, Mitchell said, “I wanted to host unique and insightful discussions, and a podcast seemed like the quintessential medium.”

With the debut of his podcasting career, Mitchell has become a bit of a medium himself. On each episode of Read and React, Mitchell performs a séance in order to facilitate dialogue between great writers and famous basketball players! Critics have praised it as a truly unique and innovative concept in the podcasting sphere.

Though his new podcast is just beginning to blossom, Mitchell has already recruited a lineup of illustrious guests eagerly awaiting (some from beyond the grave) to be featured on his show! Mitchell provided The Panther with an exclusive, insider look on his upcoming episodes and their featured guests. Some fantastic figures include Charles Dickens and Charles Barkley, John Steinbeck alongside Manu Ginobili, Cormac McCarthy with Steph Curry, and Willa Cather beside Wilt Chamberlain!

Though not yet listed in the guest lineup, rumor has it that Geoffrey Chaucer of Canterbury Tales fame will be starring alongside Jeff Green in a future episode. Furthermore, Mitchell’s podcast often gives a platform to up-and-coming authors, as he allowed underground artist William Shakespeare to be featured alongside Jason Williams.

Many Prep students were excitedly awaiting the premier episode of Read and React, eager to broaden their literary horizons. Hannah DeGroot, ’23, exclaimed, “I can’t believe I learned so much about both literature and basketball in such a short time. I’m definitely adding this to my daily podcast rotation. Can’t wait to listen to this on my commute!”

Ellie Charles, ’23, added, “I’m so excited for the next episode of Read and React! Word on the street is that my favorite author, Toni Morrison, is going to be featured alongside Jason Tatum!”

Splitting his time between hosting a legendary podcast and teaching literature to enthusiastic young scholars hasn’t been easy, but Mr. Mitchell has been able to achieve a healthy work-life synergy. He lives by the Prep principles of focusing holistically on the entire person to ensure that he maintains a healthy balance.

Mr. Mitchell’s podcast has a multitude of poignant literary insights, so much so that his Collegio has requested to listen to it during class time! It’s assuring to know that the next generation of young scholars will be well-informed on both hoops and the humanities. Thus, Mitchell is proud to be orchestrating a podcast that connects past and present through astute literary and sporting discussions!

(Happy belated April Fool’s, Panthers!!!)