Ask Margot: What are the dos and don’ts of Prom?


Margot Gwynn, Staff Writer

Buckle up Panthers! Prom is right around the corner. On April 30th, Juniors and Seniors will head to the Museum of Pop Culture for a night of dressing up, dancing, and socializing with friends and classmates. With Prom less than a month away, students are buzzing with excitement over possible prom-posals and plans for the big night. That being said, prom can be nerve-wracking. You might be wondering if Prep’s Prom will live up to the proms you’ve seen in the movies. You might not know what to expect at all. If you’re worried about what’s in store for the night, here are some dos and don’ts to insure you are prepared and ready for a fantastic evening.

Do dress in the proper attire. Ladies, it is tradition for Juniors to wear short dresses, while Seniors wear long dresses. Find a dress you love, but make sure it’s comfortable enough to last the whole night. Make sure it can sustain you for as long as you’re on the dancefloor. Gentlemen, wear a tuxedo to look sharp and ready for the night’s festivities. And for both parties, keep in mind that spring is upon us. As temperatures rise and the sun no longer hides behind the clouds, fashion trends also take a turn. You can never go wrong with wearing soft purples, bright yellows, pale greens, pastel blues, or light pinks this time of year.

Don’t be afraid to go with who you please, whether you choose to go alone, in a group of friends, or with a date. Just like any formal dance, go with someone you can surely have an enjoyable evening with. Bonus points if they can dance. As we inch closer to the 30th, we’ll all see various upperclassmen muster up the courage to ask their friends and crushes to prom. If you happen to witness such a momentous event, cheer loudly and admire the valor needed to invite another to prom.

Do enjoy yourselves and make fond memories that you can look back on in years down the road. Prom is considered a staple of the typical highschooler’s experience by many. Be safe and dance the night away. I’ll see you there!