A Panther’s Piece: Student Musicians at Prep

Anna Roberts, Staff Writer

While Prep may be known primarily for its great athletes, or its award-winning mock trial team, Seattle Prep also boasts great student musicians and a thriving arts culture. Although it may not be as well known, there are many opportunities for student musicians to get involved at Prep including Choir taught by Mr. Weeks, Pep and Jazz band taught by Ms. Bost, the musical, and several music classes that are offered.

One big way the Prep community gets involved in music is through the Winter musical. Ian Miller, class of 22’, who plays Mr. Krabs in this year’s production of Sponge Bob the Musical commented on this saying how “every year, people see the musical and are impressed by what they see”. This showcase of music and the arts is a great way not only for students to see a great show, but for students involved to show off their hard work and achievement. This excellent showcase of the artistic talents at Prep never fails to blow the audience away and serves as a testament to the hard work of all the people involved.

Student Ian Miller commented on his personal experience in the music department at Prep saying, “Our teachers are extremely open-minded and constantly willing to offer guidance and knowledge to aspiring artists”. This supportive staff and program are just the place for a young musician to grow their talents and experience within the Prep community. Like many Prep students, Ian Miller finds an outlet for expression in music. Ian commented on his song writing and musical experience saying how “there’s something so beautiful about turning thoughts into sound that often transcends words” and plans to pursue this passion into college as he hopes to become a musician and has applied to music schools. Ian also commented on the musical talent of others in the Prep community saying how they “have a diverse and complex understanding of music and celebrate the creativity and talent of their peers”. Like Ian, many students at Prep find self-expression, community, and fun in their work and have contributed to the talent-filled music programs at Prep.