Ask Margot: How can I make the most of Olympic Week?


Margot Gwynn, Staff Writer

Seattle Prep,

One of the most glorious and acclaimed weeks of the year is here, and its long-awaited arrival could not have come sooner. Olympic Week has graced Seattle Prep after two years of delay. I’m sure everyone has already had a great start so far flaunting their school spirit, cheering on their teammates, and competing their best in every event.

Out of the current student population, only 25% of students have experienced a fully-fledged Olympic Week before this year. So, if you’re not a Senior, you may be wondering how to make the most of a typical Prep student’s favorite week of the year. Not to worry, I have you covered.

Most importantly, be there for your Collegio (or grade) no matter what. Even if your basketball skills are a little rusty, lace up your sneakers and get out on the court if your team needs to fill up an extra spot. Or maybe you’ve never gotten in touch with your artistic side, and no one else from your team is eager to create a masterpiece for the Art Contest either. If you’re curious about it, do it. Take a risk and try something you might not be the best at. Olympic Week is about having fun and trying new things.

Secondly, always be there to support your teammates. Not only do they need your moral support to push them to be the best in their event, but spirit points are up for grabs to boost your team’s score. Although the big team events always draw a big crowd, don’t forget to cheer on individual events too.

Lastly, don’t forget what Olympic Week is all about. Cherish the opportunity to come together as a school to engage in friendly competition. Think beyond yourself and donate to the Dollar Bill and Canned Food Drives. Work hard at your events, encourage your teammates, and have a blast. Appreciate this honored Prep tradition. Best of luck everyone. May the best team win!