Van Gogh Immersive Experience Seattle


Abby Baldwin, Staff Writer

Imagine taking a step into Van Gogh’s famous oil painting The Starry Night. The painting, filled with beautiful and elaborate details, includes a navy dark sky, a shinning yellow crescent moon, and pops of orange for the stars.

This famous painting was created in June 1889, in Southern France. However, anyone can see the digitalized painting in Seattle, Washington at the Van Gogh Immersive Experience.

Visitors can fully immerse themselves in a 360 digital projection with 15,000-foot screens including some of Van Gogh’s most famous work. Not only is “Starry Night” shown but 300 of Van Gough’s sketches, paintings, and drawings are displayed. In addition to a digital projection of his artwork, people are able to experience a Virtual Reality interactive, where they can walk through a day in the life of Van Gogh and take in some of his work including, Vincent’s Bedroom at Arles, and Starry Night Over The Rhone River, in a new, real life, perspective.

Stella Hansot, a current junior at Seattle Prep, had the opportunity to visit this exhibit in January. She stated, “The Van Gogh art exhibit was an awesome experience because of how peaceful and interactive the exhibit was”, she added, “The colors seemed to jump out at you and seeing all of the paintings and his vision for them was a really cool experience. Art exhibits bring so many different people together and is a great way to disconnect from the outside world and other distractions of daily life”.

All ages are able to visit, and the entire experience typically takes 60-70 minutes. More information can be found at