Ignite: Sparking Creativity

Audrey Cromett, Staff Writer

What is Ignite? Is it a spark? A flame? Nope, it has nothing to do with arson, although the title of the program is inspired by St. Ignatius’ famous phrase “Go set the world on fire.” Ignite is Prep’s Literary and Visual Arts Journal led by Collegio teacher Ms. Dotsey. This unique window class allows students to show off all forms of artistic talent ranging from paintings to poetry.

Many students on Ignite, including sophomore Zoe Bocek, take advantage of this opportunity to share their work. Last year, Zoe submitted one piece of art, a poem entitled “Indefinite Peak” about always feeling pushed to keep going and to do things they were not ready to do.

Ignite was a “creative outlet where I felt comfortable sharing my art with others” stated Bocek.  Now, in their second year on the Ignite staff, Bocek has become a member of the editorial team and is looking forward to reviewing, reading, and viewing the work of other student artists.

Any student at Seattle Prep can submit work for each year’s spring edition of Ignite. These editions are released during Arts Week and can be viewed on the Ignite website. Students who are members of Ignite take each student submission and go through a process of curating and analyzing the art that they may publish. Nellie Walsh ’23 described this process as “a fun and detailed way to practice basic graphic design”.

Ignite encourages students to share and express themselves through the use of all mediums and art forms. It embraces the uniqueness of each individual and works to develop the whole person. Panthers can submit their works of art by emailing them to [email protected] in their correct forms which can be found on the group’s website. Once entered, the pieces go through a review process and then get published for all to see. This student-led publication can be found only on the Seattle Prep campus and has a bright future ahead!