How do I get my secret crush to notice me?


Margot Gwynn, Staff Writer

Love is in the air here at Seattle Prep. As Valentine’s Day lingers around the corner, you may be keeping an eye out for someone special. Maybe you’ve seen them from across the lunchroom or as you’ve passed them in the halls. Perhaps you’ve never spoken before and don’t know where to start. Regardless, if you’re wondering how to catch the attention of the apple of your eye – I’ve got you covered. 

First and foremost, find ways to put yourself out there. Whether it’s raising your hand to make a particularly insightful, thought-provoking comment in Collegio or going for the three-pointer in your Life Fitness basketball game, stand out and show your talents. Even if you find your basketball skills a little out of tune, and you miss the shot, your crush is going to know that you’re willing to take chances.  

Think about how you might stand out. Show up to school in a Canadian Tuxedo and showcase your support for our friendly Northern neighbors. Or maybe a full neon ensemble is calling your name- (I hear the 80s are making a comeback). Find yourself a nice cowboy hat and channel your inner Lone Ranger. Think outside the box and wear the most outrageous thing you can think of. Show them you’re a jack of many trades and that even fashion is your forte. You might start a school-wide trend while you’re at it. 

Try to indicate that you’re interested in their interests. I’m not suggesting that you go home and memorize the history and roster of their favorite football team or read every novel of their favorite 19th-century author, but show them that you care about the things they care about. Everyone enjoys talking about what’s close to their heart. You’ll likely be able to find common ground and connect over your similarities. 

Above all, be yourself. No one is going to fall for the person you think they want to fall for. It’s much better if the person you admire is interested in knowing you- not a false version of yourself. And if the love bug comes and bites you on Monday morning, take a chance and communicate your feelings to your special someone. Cupid is cheering you on! Best of luck.

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