The Hop In: A Neighborhood Landmark Never Forgotten


WSDOT via Creative Commons

The Hop-In remained a student favorite until it was torn down as part of highway 520 construction in 2019.

Annabelle Deasy, Visuals Editor

A once beloved landmark in the Prep community is now known by students as an annoying construction site and the location of Burb’s Burgers. Now seniors and some juniors look back onto their underclassman years and remember the days of grabbing a sandwich or some chicken strips before grabbing some gas on their way home or to class. The Montlake Market or more commonly known as the “Hop In” was a beloved site for Prep students.

Senior Lucy Kain said, “The hop-in was a place of community for everyone outside of school. I especially miss their dill pickles in a bag.”

Alumni, teachers and a few upperclassmen have fond memories of the market, and many joined the protest against tearing it down by signing petitions and donating funds. Unfortunately, it was not enough, but the Prep and Montlake community can look back onto the site with fond memories. The annual Christmas tree farm, “promposals” in the parking lot, stopping for gas on the way to practice, or simply enjoying some fried chicken are memories many in the Prep community can share.

Washington State Department of Transportation closed the market in 2019 for construction on the 520 Bridge. The market was sold for more than 16 million dollars for a 5-year construction project. The Hop In stood tall for 83 years alongside a gas station. Alumni, teachers and a few upperclassmen have fond memories of the market, and many joined.

A King5 coverage of the closure described the Hop-In as a staple in the community after standing tall since the 1930’s. The fight to save the Hop-In truly began in 2016 and 2017 due to rumors of its closure, but many current prep students and recent alumni remember 2018 and 2019 when the fight to save the market took off. It was officially announced that the state wanted to buy the site and students and neighbors alike made a stand.

Regan Toepel ’20 said, “I would say the Hop In was a place of pure enjoyment. My most fond memory was getting corn dogs with my friends.”