Ask Margot: How do I build relationships with my teachers?


Margot Gwynn, Staff Writer

Believe it or not, the individuals who grade your papers, load you up with homework, and roam the halls are not strictly authoritative and formidable figures. They are real people, just like you and me. They have genuine non-academic interests, hobbies, families, and just about everything else that contributes to humanity. That being said, there is no reason to be afraid to communicate and know your teachers.  

In fact, building relationships with your teachers can be very rewarding. Knowing the teachers you interact with every day strengthens the Prep community and creates a more comfortable learning environment. Relationships between students and teachers promote learning out of curiosity and motivate you to succeed in your classes. Going to class becomes immensely more enjoyable if you know the individuals instructing you. In addition to enhancing the learning experience for yourself, the teachers benefit in the same way. By knowing you better, your teachers will appreciate educating you and will know what to expect from your work. Connecting with your teachers is vital to academic and personal growth.   

To create these bonds, start by showing a genuine interest in the material you are learning. Ask questions that go beyond the curriculum and fascinate you. Your teachers will appreciate your inquisitiveness and will jump at the opportunity to resolve your confusion or add to your knowledge. Take the extra step to meet your teachers after school, during lunch, or during lit study if you’re confused about a subject in the content you’re learning. Indicate that you care about your academics and want to succeed. Aside from your academic ventures, say “Hello!” in the halls and ask them about their weekends. Be polite, treat them with respect, and try to recognize that they too are people. 

Your teachers are here to help you. They are at Prep to know you as a person and ensure that you thrive. Their efforts at school are to empower you through knowledge and get you to ask questions about the world around you. Every day, your teachers play a crucial role in molding you into a person who can set the world on fire. As long as you’re a student at Prep, you might as well get to know them!