What do Panthers want for Christmas?: A Gift-Giving Guide

Claire Rulyak, Staff Writer

Crowded malls, fuzzy socks, and overnight shipping. The gift-giving season is rapidly approaching.  For most, this is a stressful time of year, and people  are tired of getting and receiving the same gifts twenty times over. Luckily, members of the Seattle Prep community has this season covered with all sorts of ideas that  parents, friends, siblings, and teachers will love, and not need a gift receipt for !

Everyone has a lot to thank their parents for, and the season of giving is a wonderful time to show appreciation. Yet, scented candles and polo shirts might be a little overdone for moms and dads.

According to Ms. Lovejoy, books and a fancy back massager are the way to go. Things that allow your parents to relax are key.

Frau Khouri said  what she really wants from her kids is their time: “A self-prepared meal by them – something that they made on their own “. Both amazing parents and teachers clearly understand the value of relaxation and sentimental value. So, when shopping for parents keep this in mind! Other great ideas include a day doing what they love, a spa appointment, or a refill of their favorite bath and self-care product!

When looking for a gift for a sibling, it is easy to choose something that interests the giver more than the receiver, or a gag gift . Depending on your relationship with your sibling you may want to opt for new clothes, a cute craft project, or “Peace and Quiet” like Skye Luebbe Davidson ’24 says.

Simple and affordable things that they can enjoy for themselves are the best.  Frances Hansot ’23 says her ideal gift from a sibling could be “Some candy or a new (cheaper) clothing item”. Other great ideas for your siblings are plants, offerings to do their chores, and a gift card to their favorite restaurant if you’re short on time.

Gifts for friends are sometimes the most personalized of all.  Meghan Moffit ’24 likes to keep it simple: “Some ideas are candy, jewelry, or candles”. These ideas can be personalized to exactly what your friends like, or you could even get it personalized with their name or an inside joke. A gift based on your friend’s hobbies or favorite sports are also always a great option weather it’s a framed picture or a new soccer ball. A few more great gift ideas for your friends are phones cases with photos of your friends, a fuzzy blanket (that could also be personalized with a picture of a celebrity crush) or taking them out to a fun dinner with flowers like a friend date!

Last but definitely not least, teachers! Our teachers at Seattle Prep are the best, and while according to Ms. Slack “Gifts from students are not necessary”, she also remarked that they can make a teacher’s day. With teachers the consensus on gifts seems to be sweet snacks or gift cards for books and coffee complete with a heartfelt note. Mr. Weeks said : “If it’s thoughtful and sincere I really appreciate it”. Teachers spend so much time on our education, letters of recommendation, and making school fun, so it’s great to show them how appreciated they are.

Remember Prep, the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart (and Amazon).  Happy Holidays and good luck shopping!