Intensity, Leadership Key to Golf Team Success

Jack Henzke, Staff Writer

The boys and girls golf teams are celebrating one of the most successful seasons in Prep golf history, with both teams going 7-2. The boys team capped their season with a four-stroke Metro Championship victory over O’Dea, while the girls team came in fourth at Metros, which qualifies them for the district tournament.

Both teams attributed their success to leadership, from captains John O’Donnell, Roger Sauvage, Ailbhe Killalea and Sally Swanson and the new head coach, coach Quitlong. Another factor that contributed to the success this year was the new “Championship Program” brought in by coach Quitlong. Remington ‘23 says the program is: “driven to succeed and has the right ideas.”

Killalea ‘22 stated that the program: “upped the intensity and commitment of the team.”  Remington also said another key factor to success is, “having a good leader for the team.” This year that leader was captain Roger Sauvage ‘22. Along with being a captain he also led the team in scoring, finishing second overall individually in the Metro Championship.

The boys team fought valiantly through tough conditions at the district match, but sadly it wasn’t enough to qualify them for state. Districts took place down at Riverbend Golf Complex. It was a very windy day that did not play in the team’s favor. Sauvage still had a good day and qualified individually for state in spring along with Braden Russell ‘24.

According to Remington and Killalea, the golf team was so successful this season was that they were having so much fun. Some of their favorite moments of the season were the fun car rides to and from practice, running laps around the greens for punishment during practice, and just spending time with each other.  Killalea especially enjoyed all of the new friendships she made: “I loved the friendships made on the team. I think that there are some friendships I have made on the team that will last beyond the season and throughout the school year.”

The two both improved so much this year with the new coaches. Remington’s shot a personal best sixty-five on eighteen holes recently and Killalea personal best on nine holes is a forty-four. Neither of them has got a hole in one yet but both have been very close.

This year’s golf team’s season was one of the best Prep has had in a while, and it isn’t over yet. We still have the Girls’ team district and state matches to look forward to in the spring, along with the two boys competing individually in the state tournaments.  As this year comes to an end there is still a season to look forward to next year. Both teams are young and will be good for years to come.