Prep’s Prolific Peer Tutoring is Back


Alden Arnold, Staff Writer

As the new school year sets in, academic rigor is starting to ramp up. It’s a stressful time for some students, and many are seeking out advice, guidance, and feedback on their classes and assignments. Seattle Prep Peer Tutoring has a plan for students needing extra academic help.

The Seattle Prep Peer Tutoring Team is centered around the NHS (National Honor Society), a student-run organization built on the core principles of service, scholarship, and leadership. It is their goal is to provide students with an opportunity to achieve academic success. They do this through peer tutoring sessions; providing students with a platform to ask for help. Peer tutoring is run by juniors and seniors, giving all students access to one on one, focused conversations with fellow Prep students. They strive to provide support to students outside of the classroom in a more casual learning environment, making asking for help more accessible and less daunting. The President of Seattle Prep NHS, Charlie Pehl ‘22, believes that, “Concepts are sometimes easier to understand when coming from a student or peer, rather than a teacher.”

In terms of participation within the program, peer tutoring has opportunities for everyone. As an NHS member, students fulfill a variety of roles at different levels of involvement. At the base level, Peer Tutors are responsible for completing at least three tutoring sessions per semester. For students interested in getting more involved, there are many leadership positions open to both juniors and seniors. Pehl ’22, “consider[s] peer tutoring a leadership position in and of itself”, but “there are also a good amount of other leadership roles available. There are master tutors in different subjects, tutoring coordinator roles, secretary, vice president, and president positions.”

Leadership positions are a great way to get involved in the decision-making process of the program and help delegate responsibility, as well as develop students’ leadership and management skills.

Members of the Peer Tutoring Team have the opportunity to help foster the sense of community at Prep. The relationship between underclassmen and upperclassmen has been disrupted by the pandemic, as the freshmen and even some sophomores are stepping onto the campus for the first time. These one-on-one tutoring sessions give students the sense of inclusion and support that Prep is known for.

“I can’t think of a better way to represent the Jesuit ideal of service to others and giving back to the community”, said Pehl, when asked how peer tutoring reflects Prep’s core values. Tutoring also gives the tutors the opportunity to develop their leadership and relational skills, setting them up for success during both their time at Prep and beyond. Peer tutoring is very much a stage for tutors and tutees build both academic and life skills.

The Seattle Prep peer tutors offer in-person tutoring sessions window, as well as both in-person and virtual sessions after school. If you are in need of help on a particular subject or just want an upperclassman to talk to, feel free to reach out to one of your teachers or Ms. Young ([email protected]) and ask about peer tutoring!