Meet a Freshman: Alec Greenwood


Freshman Alec Greenwood (left)

Mia Schwartz, Staff Writer

Alec Greenwood first heard about Seattle Prep at the start of eighth grade and was impressed by Prep’s athletic and academic reputation.  He attended Rose Middle School in Redmond but was sadly not able to be a Panther for the Day due to Covid Restrictions.  Despite the lack of in-person experience Greenwood had at Prep, he decided to take a leap of faith and join the Prep community.

Greenwood has two brothers, one younger and one older. His younger brother attends Ben Franklin Elementary, and his older brother attends Washington State University.  His favorite color is blue (perfect to get into the Prep Panther spirit), and his favorite food are burritos ( I wonder if he knows about the burrito bowls in the cafeteria?) . If he had one day left to live, he would spend it visiting his birthplace, Texas, so he could spend his last day with his grandparents. He thinks his spirit animal is a bird because he would love to be able to fly. A fun fact about Alec is that he has webbed feet, and if he could describe himself in one word it would be “coolin.”

Throughout the beginning of Alec’s freshman year, he has fallen in love with the culture and people of Prep. One of the most positive aspects of the community for him was how welcoming students were and how many people reached out about sports and school. Alec is involved in the football program and Business Club and is excited to play lacrosse come spring