Bae-Goals for the Win!


Jayce Woodward ’22 and Elsa Kammerack enjoy pre-game bagels ahead of their game!

Audrey Cromett, Staff Writer

Plain? Everything? Honey Whole-wheat? Which type of bagel would you choose? For the Seattle Prep Girls Varsity Soccer Team, bagels have become a staple to their success.

During the season, the Panthers will typically compete in many nighttime games at six or seven pm and ride the bus together. With Prep’s lunch period at 10:45 or 11:00, the team needs to re-fuel before competing.

How? Bagels. When asked about this odd tradition Prep graduate Maya Shields  ‘21 said; “I’m honestly not sure when the origin of the tradition started, but I know it has been around for at least 8 years because when I was a freshman the seniors were upholding it already.”

The girls soccer program is very superstitious and so when something works, the players stick to it. Bagels are purchased from Einstein Brothers along with multiple different types of “shmears” such as regular, chive, and strawberry. Once the food arrives, players choose their bagel in grade order typically leaving the less desirable options for the underclassmen. Does that seem harsh? Maybe, but that’s just how it works.

The tradition is beloved by all, however, sophomore Ashley Heim provided a new perspective; “  The nutritional value of a bagel is not the highest and provides very little protein, making it a less filling choice compared to other foods. Jimmy Johns sandwiches make an occasional appearance into the meal rotation, and some wish they were an option more, but that would mean breaking the tradition and no one wants to do that.

On the other hand, Libby Smith ’24 stated that she loves bagels and thinks they are the perfect size meal before games. “They fill me up and never leave me feeling hungry or like I ate too much.” Her go to is the plain bagel with the honey almond shmear!

When asked about the consumption of bagels, Coach Hendricks stated that he “doesn’t care as much about the food that’s eaten as long as its together.” Eating together is a bonding experience which is crucial to the team success. He explained that the bus is meant to create an intense atmosphere and competitive environment for the players. It is a way to get the girls pumped up and prepared to take on their competitors.

Last year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, “Bus and Bagels” was not a weekly occurrence. In order to keep safety at the forefront, the team didn’t bus for the majority of the season, putting the tradition on hold. Since the Panthers are now all fully vaccinated, the team can resume bussing together and the girls can continue pushing for success fueled by bagels.