Grab and Go Items Top Favorite Lunch Options

Ben Oswald, Staff Writer

Last year many restrictions were set to ensure the health and safety of all students. One of those restrictions was lunch options. While the Commons, Great Room, and Smith Café were open to order boxed lunches, classes were required to eat with only those of their grade level and were assigned a certain eating area. Luckily, this school year is quite different. Seating during lunch is open just about anywhere on campus. Students have been especially grateful to return to a sense of freedom this school year.

Recently, there was a poll about student’s lunch options on the schools Instagram account.

The first poll was between eating at the Smith Café and the Commons. Commons took the win by 16 votes: 179-163. The Commons offer grab and go options  such as hot dogs, sandwiches, salads, chips, drinks, cookies, and much more. The Smith Café is also delicious and its  options include a daily pasta and salad bar and a food of the day, such as chicken teriyaki, pizza, and lots more. The Smith Café also offers snacks and drinks to top off the main course.

The second poll was between ordering hot lunch or packing lunch. Students voted hot lunch by a whopping 147 votes: 254-107. A few students opted to share their take on the food situation at Prep.

Kenny Ouedraogo  ‘25 shared, “At my old school, the school food was decent. There were some days where the lunch was good and some days they were not. I like the food at Prep way better. There are multiple different options. Prep serves breakfast, lunch, and snacks. There are hot and cold lunches and many different types of lunches every day, giving more options to people.”

Mary Pelly  ‘25 added, “I like the food options at Prep because the chefs provide variety every day from things like salads, pastas, and more. I also appreciate the grab and go options in the Commons because I can grab a cookie every once in awhile to enjoy. At my old school, there was no Cafeteria and you had to bring your own lunch, so I am grateful that Prep provides food options.”

Considering the variety of daily fresh food options for Seattle Prep students, the Smith Café and Commons never fail to satisfy hungry Panthers.