Sisters Take on Swim


Lane Gooding ’25 (left) and Liv Gooding ’23 (right) posing for a selfie before swim practice.

Abby Baldwin, Staff Writer

With over 700 students attending Seattle Prep and over 20 Varsity athletic teams, only a small percentage of athletes are siblings that compete on the same Varsity sports team. Freshman, Lane Gooding, and junior, Liv Gooding are sisters who participate in Varsity Swim.

Liv Gooding, junior, has been swimming for Prep since freshman year, as Lane has just begun, they already love swimming together for Prep and support and cheer for each other. One may assume swimming with your sibling would cause rivalry, yet Lane says otherwise, “It is not as competitive as some may think. This is because we both have our different best events, and our age gap creates an excuse for me to always be worse” says Lane, she continued “…. Being at practice with Liv is really fun because she’s always loud and brings a lot of energy”.

Although swimming at Prep is new, Liv and Lane have been swimming on the same club team for multiple years now, so it is not out of the ordinary to root for each other. However, this is the first year that they have been on relays together “…which has been really fun and helped me stay motivated” stated Liv.

There is always a transition to High School and, although the sisters have been swimming together for a long time, Lane talked about how Liv has helped her make the transition from 8th grade to Varsity Swim, “Liv did a great job of leading the way throughout the swimming world”, Lane said, “….Having someone I knew on my team was nice and she set high goals, which helped me to do the same”.

Their dedication and talent are seen every day at practice and in meets; the two sisters are one of the few siblings playing varsity sports together at Seattle Prep. They enthusiastically support and encourage each other and teamed up together on the 200 Medley Relay, which has worked out well for the sisters. On September 17th, the combo of Liv, Lane, Sophia Salentine, and Anna Lauinger swam a 1:52.92 in the 200 Medley Relay, breaking the previous school record by more than a second and qualifying for State in the process.

We look forward to Liv and Lane continuing to support each other and to team up for more records!