“New” Football stadium and a “New” Athletic Director

Jack Henzke, Staff Writer

Prep students love to show their Panther pride and one of those many ways to do so is at home football games. This year things have changed; the home football games are divided between Nathan Hale and West Seattle.

Athletic Director Mr. Reed would hesitate to call Nathan Hale the new “home” stadium. Since last year there were no fans, parking, seating, and other things that come along with fans were not a concern, Nathan Hale was the better choice. But this year West Seattle is the preferred choice. “West Seattle offers tradition and history, more space/seating, and the true Friday night lights experience.” said Reed.

One problem that does confront fans heading to games is the closure of the West Seattle Bridge which makes drives to West Seattle much longer.

Along with that change, Prep also has a relatively new athletic director, Mr. Sam Reed. Reed is in his second full year at Prep and has yet to meet all of the student body because much of last year was remote or hybrid schooling.
Some of the things that drew Mr. Reed to work here is the Jesuit education. After going to school at Gonzaga he felt drawn to another Jesuit school. “I have coached and been an athletic director at a handful of schools in the Metro League and nearby, and have always had great respect for Seattle Prep, the athletic programs, and how the school and athletic teams are interconnected. In short, it was the place I wanted to be.”

Some goals and aspirations Mr. Reed has for the next couple of years are to bring home lots of league titles and contend for state titles. He also hopes that Panther athletes are as robust on the field as they are in the classroom.
A favorite sporting event that Mr. Reed has been to be the boys and girls back-to-back Metro Championship wins. Mr. Reed describes this as, “The first time where it truly felt like I was watching my school compete and win.”

He only wishes these wins could have been in front of packed crowds. He cannot decide on a favorite or just can’t publicly admit what his favorite Prep sport to watch is. Mr. Reed just loves to watch student-athletes compete in sports they are passionate about. But as a fan, he thinks there are very few things more exciting than a basketball game in a packed gym on a Friday night.

Reed feels good about the start of this year, but admits last year was very hard with the combination of the seasons. Now he is starting to build more and more relationships with the students and faculty. Some of Reed’s favorite things to do outside of Prep are coaching his two son’s sports and cooking. When he doesn’t find himself making the long car ride to West Seattle, or watching sports, he can usually be found in the kitchen making something new or reading a cookbook.

Reed is very excited to be the athletic director, and is hoping to add more trophies to the trophy case and hang some more banners in the gym!