A Warm Welcome Fore The New Golf Coach

Gabby Betzer, Staff Writer

The beginning of the 2021 school year marks a return to a sense of normalcy – including the re-emergence of Prep’s many fall sports much to the excitement of student-athletes and spectators alike. One such sport is golf, and the season is off to a great start with the introduction of the new boys and girls golf program head, Coach Quitlong! Previously the head coach of the Lincoln High School golf team, Coach Quitlong has prolific experience and a love for the sport which makes him well-equipped to guide the golfers of Seattle Prep!

Coach Quitlong is ready to foster the unified and competitive spirit of the team, saying that his goal for each and every season is to “have a team that always competes for championships on and off the golf course in life and in the classroom. When the girls win, we all win. When the boys win, we all win.  The Seattle Prep Golf Team will be competitive in the Metro League, and both District and State levels.” He is committed to ensuring that Prep’s golfers have an exciting and productive season, inviting students to bring our vibrant school spirit to any of the games. “The Seattle Prep community are always welcome to watch and cheer the team during matches!” he exclaims.

In addition to his position as the new head of the golf program, Coach Quitlong is involved in a variety of other golf-related ventures, such as being a PGA Associate Golf Instructor at Interbay Golf Center, a Mizuno Brand Ambassador, and the Washington Athletic Club (WAC) Golf Professional! Although he has quite the busy schedule, Coach Quitlong never loses sight of his love for the sport, saying “I love that golf can be played at all skill levels and it’s a great way to network with all types of people with different backgrounds. I also love that on any given day, golf is never the same, from course conditions to how the swing feels for that given day.”

Coach Quitlong has greatly enjoyed being a part of the Seattle Prep community so far, from “working closely with the athletic department (Athletic Director Sam Reed, and Coach Mel White)” to meeting new players and “seeing their unique personality blend to form our team chemistry.” He notes that the leadership of the team captains (Alibhe Killalea. John O’Donnell, Roger Sauvage, and Sally Swanson) has been imperative to their success thus far. In addition, Coach Quitlong greatly appreciates the support he’s received, as he states that Assistant Coach Todd Morris is “helping my transition run smoothly and we can talk about anything.” Furthermore, he values the accommodating nature of the Prep community as a whole, saying “The parents and community of Seattle Prep have been welcoming and supportive.”

Lastly, he extends an invitation to any potential golfers interested in joining the program next year, adding, “it’s never too early to get ready for next season. If you are interested in being a part of the Seattle Prep Golf Team, practice, practice, practice and get ready for tryouts in August.” Truly, there’s no better time than this return to routine for a new program head to invigorate and rally Seattle Prep’s golf team!