Prep Panthers Show Spirit at Olympic Week

Gael Loor, Staff Writer

Despite the circumstances of the pandemic, members of ASB worked hard this year to plan Prep’s annual Olympic Week. Activities from years past were included in this year’s Olympic Week, as well as some new additions. Adjustments were made to ensure students on and off campus could participate in events.

Because of current health guidelines, members of ASB had to incorporate online activities such as Kahoot, Minecraft, and which were added for those learning remotely. In-person events such as HORSE, soccer, and Spike Ball were held with no spectators; everyone wore masks and were socially distanced. “We followed each rule to allow for a high level of safety for each event,” adds John O’Donnell, Junior Class President.

This year, students and faculty alike showed off their school spirit and competed in multiple events. The results of this year’s competition were: Faculty coming in at 3rd place with 745 points, Rahner Collegio coming in 2nd with 850 points, and Senior class taking first place (as usual) with 2725 points. Mr. Stearns commented, “It was really exciting to see all that energy back at Prep!”

Holt Witter, Junior Class Executive, said, “The biggest challenge was figuring out a way to make sure everyone had a chance to do the events they wanted.” This was especially difficult because half of the school was a home on a given day. As a solution, online events were held during lunch period and the others during Olympic period. This ensured that all students and faculty were able to attend the events they wanted. Junior Daniela Castillo-Cayon, who participated in the Kinect Dance Off event, added, “Having different cohorts definitely made it difficult because you couldn’t compete on certain days or watch your friends compete.” Junior Katelyn Alexander, commented, “[Olympic Week was] still fun…just a little different.”

Although this year’s Olympic Week lacked the large crowds watching intense games and the school assemblies from before, the events were still filled with Prep spirit. Witter adds, “The ASB as a whole, and especially Natalie [Nowak] did a great job putting something together during these unusual times.”