Alexander and Roznos Prepare to Take Flight at US Air Force Academy


Jared Roznos (left) and Kendin Alexander (right) will continue their studies and football careers at the US Air Force Academy next year.

Abby Allen and Olivia Manning

Seniors Kendin Alexander and Jared Roznos will be reppingblue and white for the next four years as they both continue their academic and athletic careers  at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. The US Air Force Academy offers an exceptional education, military training, Division 1 athletics, adventure, and character building.    

 Roznos and Alexander chose to attend Air Force for the numerous opportunities and benefits it provides for them and their futures. They will both receive a “free, world class education, free medical and dental benefits, and the opportunity for a rewarding career in our chosen field after graduation” according to Alexander.

 Additionally, the campus is located at the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and Alexander commented on its “unbelievable views.” In making his decision, Alexander also heard “nothing but good things” about the Academy, which really persuaded him to go. Both boys are also are very proud to represent the Air Force Academy as members of the football team.  

 Alexander and Roznos will leave Seattle on June 23rd to report to the Academy for Basic Training on the 24th. Roznos said that “here we will learn all the basic things we need to know to live a military life – Things like how to handle a weapon, how to march, how to address offices, and overall, how to live the military life.”

This boot camp will last for about a month. Afterwards, the boys will come home for a few weeks before preseason football training.   

 Alexander and Roznos both acknowledge that “adjusting to the academy lifestyle” will be intense. Jared says he is most nervous about “the strict details that come with” military life, while Alexander wonders how long this transition will take.   

 Ultimately, Roznos is most excited “to be able to fulfill my dream and play D1 college football, especially with someone I call my brother, an opportunity few people get.” Roznos, who calls himself a “great fan of high adrenaline things” is thrilled to have the opportunity to take skydiving lessons at the Air Force Academy as part of their curriculum.  

 Alexander is most excited to make “lifelong friends and be able to have a lot of fun playing football.”