Students share their experience of trying a new sport


JVC volleyball team poses for picture after game against Nathan Hale

Kelsey Hamilton, Staff Writer

Despite multiple complications due to COVID, Prep athletes were able to participate in the sport of their choosing for season 1 of athletics. For some, it was the same sport that they have been doing for a long time. However, a handful of Prep athletes decided to try a completely new sport this past season. 

Emma Nisbet ’22 decided to go out for golf for the first time this past season because it seemed like a fun sport to do with friends. Despite the fact that she has never played golf before, Nisbet quickly picked up the rules and strategies of the sport. When asked about going out for golf again next year, Nisbet gave an enthusiastic yes, saying that she is very excited for the season to come. Trying something new can lead to fun memories, and Nisbet encourages others to consider going out for golf next year: “Even if you’re not sure about the level you can compete, going out for a new sport is so worth it,” said Nisbet. 

 Zoe Pomeroy ’24 is another prep student who decided to go out for a new sport this past season. Coming in as a freshman during COVID, Pomeroy did not know many people in her grade, so she decided to take up volleyball. Pomeroy chose to play volleyball because she liked the community that was created through the team and the friendships she got out of it. Her experience, like Nisbet’s, was great: “I got to know people who weren’t in any of my classes and got to become closer with people I had already met,” explained Pomeroy. 

El Shaddai Fessehatsion ’24 was a part of the swim and dive team this past season. Fessehatsion has always loved swimming and she wanted to meet new people. Her experience was so good that she is going to go out for swim and dive again next year. Not only did she get a lot of cardio, but more importantly, she got to meet more students. 

Molly Moffitt ’21 participated in soccer for her senior year at Prep. Moffitt, already a 2-sport varsity player, became a 3-sport varsity player. She chose to do soccer because, like everyone else, she wanted to be socially involved and play with her friends. On top of that, it gave her a schedule to follow where she was outside running around and getting exercise. When asked about her experience, Moffitt said it was awesome! “I got the opportunity to learn about a sport I wasn’t super familiar with, worked other parts of my body, got closer to girls I didn’t know as well before, and got into great shape!” 

It is never too late to try something new! Prep sports are great at building community, relationships, physicality, and lifelong experiences. During COVID, social aspects of life can become strained and Prep Athletics is a great way to overcome that barrier and meet new people.