AP Studio Art: Jumping off the Page


Artwork by Kate Allen

One thing all Ap Studio Art students can agree on is that they have been pushed to new limits in the creation of their portfolios. As the seniors look towards graduation, a group of talented students move towards the completion of their art portfolios.

One of these students is Senior Kate Allen. Allen has spent her school year completing a portfolio following the theme of body image. Using the techniques of charcoal drawing, photoshop, and incorporating text into artwork, Allen has pushed her ability to new levels and produced an amazing portfolio.

Allen said, “My favorite piece was a giant three feet tall and eight feet wide piece because I have never worked on a scale that large before.”

In the class, students are tasked with creating a portfolio with many different pieces following one theme. Caroline Baker ‘21 followed a theme of portraits, mainly photos of people’s faces drawn in charcoal. Baker concluded her favorite piece created was a zoomed-in self-portrait from the nose up because of its in-depth detail. Several students agree that although this class takes a lot of dedication, they would recommend it to other Prep students.

Baker said, “I would recommend this class because although it is a lot of work it forces you to be more creative and is a lot of fun. The overall theme of all your pieces must incorporate the idea of your theme to create a cohesive collection which helps and forces you to be a better artist.”

Senior Ava Allison’s portfolio has followed a theme of people’s stories. She has worked with a technique of drawing on top of maps to show where people are from and where they are going in life. Allison has found a deeper meaning within her artwork in reference to telling a story through her artwork.

Allison said, “My portfolio has changed so much and shown a lot of progress in a good way. I received guidance from the teachers and explored new techniques in composition.”

Although the class has a large workload, for Isaac Trius ‘21 it is a calming environment where he can relieve his stress from school. Trius became interested in the class from one of his Cross Country teammates, alumni Moses Kent ‘19. Trius comments that he was glad he signed up for the class because it has become a creative outlet for him to alleviate stress. Trius’s portfolio follows the theme of nature, specifically natural life found in Japan.

Trius said, “I am interested in the nature, geography, and life in Japan that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. My favorite piece is a couple of men fishing for a large koi fish in a raging ocean.”

While some students plan to use these skills for the rest of their lives in an art career and others just see the class as a hobby, it is clear the amount of talent and effort shown from the senior’s art portfolios are incredible. This class takes dedication and creativity, but the 26 students from the class of 2021 have created art that reflects on their own and Seattle Prep’s values.