New Boys Volleyball League Draws Interest

Alison Choi, Staff Writer

Prep has had many exciting and accomplishing years of girls’ volleyball. The team has gone to state countless times and has achieved high standings. Seeing this, a topic that has been going around for a while now is Prep starting its own boys’ volleyball team. Senior Shane Erickson, member of a club volleyball team outside of Prep, said, “Volleyball is a really fun sport and people seem to fall in love with the sport like I have.”

Starting a boys’ volleyball team would give them an opportunity to try a new sport out, or for some, go back to a sport they enjoyed in middle school but could not continue in high school. “There’s definitely enough interest in the sport to make a team at Prep.” Senior Brody Johnson explained.

Volleyball is a sport that boys and girls can enjoy playing, but it is mainly only offered to girls. Having the team would give the boys’ a chance to show off their volleyball skills too.

Ms. Sullivan, the department chair of health and exercise and head volleyball coach, gave her take on what she thinks of starting a boys’ team, “I think it’s a great idea. I would love to see a boys’ volleyball team at the high schools in Washington.”

As a volleyball coach for over 30 years, Ms. Sullivan’s opinion and approval of starting a boys team is very influential. Mr. Butler, another girls’ volleyball coach and Collegio teacher, also thought it would be a great idea because he played volleyball for his high school. Mr. Butler said, “I’d love to coach them,” and “When the new Merlino Center opens, we may have enough gym/court space to make it happen!”

Mr. Butler brings up a very good point. In Phase 2 of the “Level the Field, Raise the Bar” campaign, construction on a new multi-use building called the Merlino Center, will be funded. The multi-use Merlino Center will offer more space which will bring in many new activities to Prep. The center will have an athletic practice space suitable for multiple different sports including volleyball, tennis, track, basketball, etc. The building would be perfect for the boys and girls to have a volleyball team without getting in each other’s way.

With all of this in mind, a potential boys volleyball program could be possible. Of course, many things have to be taken into consideration for a Prep boys volleyball team to happen. For example, a big issue would be finding other teams in the district to play. Brody Johnson also mentioned, “For Prep to have a real boys volleyball team we need opponents, and therefore would have to get boys volleyball up and running in other Seattle high schools.”

As of right now, a boys team seems unlikely, but with the construction of Merlino Center and the right support, it may be in the works in Prep’s future.