Jeopardy Awaits New Star

Rosato to Pursue Game Show Dreams in Los Angeles


Math teacher Dominic Rosato on the Jeopardy set. Rosato is leaving Seattle Prep to pursue the fierce competition of TV game shows.

Tessa Zink and Cece Brown

W ho is Dominic Rosato? An amazing Seattle Prep math teacher who is pursuing a career in ‘Jeopardy!’. The beloved Prep math teacher has decided to pack up and move to Los Angeles to chase his love for the show, ‘Jeopardy!’. Rosato says, “I am an avid watcher and fan of the show and make sure to never miss an episode. I’ve always dreamt of competing on Jeopardy and I am ecstatic that I’ve finally been given the chance.”

Mina Sakay ‘21 said “I am just so excited for him to finally pursue this career. After watching all of this ‘Jeopardy!’ I have no doubt he will be a fantastic host.”

It is not surprise that Rosato is making this decision as he has a well-known love for the show. Rosato’s students are familiar with his adoration of it, each math class he quizzes his students on the final jeopardy question.

“I understand the value of Jeopardy and how it truly can improve our lives and shape the minds and values of our youth. I want to not only improve their math skills, but their trivia ones as well,” Rosato said.

It is suspected that he quizzes his students often on the final ‘Jeopardy!’ question because he is training them to go on the show, and hopefully be a fellow competitor. This summer Rosato will be training and preparing for the 38th season of the show.

Rosato’s dedication to the game show has also rubbed off on his math students at Seattle Prep. Ailbhe Killalea ’22, pre-calculus student, said, “After being in Mr. Rosato’s class this year, I feel completely prepared to compete on the show. Between learning trig functions, my understanding of architecture, geography, and pop-culture has dramatically improved.”

Killalea continued, “the competition present in the classroom closely mirrors the competition on the Jeopardy floor. Its cut-throat in A602, over zoom and in the classroom, students are racing to get the correct answer.”

Ken Jennings, a fantastic Jeopardy player, was ecstatic when he heard of Rosato’s move to the 323, “I have heard such great things about his ‘Jeopardy!’ knowledge. I think if I were to play against him, I would have met my match.”.