Pizza Wars: Zeeks Moves in Next to Pagliacci

Margot Gwynn, Staff Writer

Pagliacci Pizza on 10th Ave has historically been a popular spot for off-campus lunches and after school snacks among Seattle Prep students. Pagliacci may now have to fight for the Prep student’s appetite, since a new Zeeks Pizza location is scheduled to move in next door by September 2021. Come the 2021-2022 school year, students will be torn between a long-time favorite, and the possibility of a better slice of pizza, both spots only three blocks of campus.

“It’s no competition to me,” said Andrew Levinger ’21. “Pagliacci has always been the best. I don’t see Zeeks ever changing that.” A substantial amount of Prep students claim they will stay loyal to the same joint that has been serving them slices since the beginning of their time at Prep.

“After a long day of school, nobody can beat Pagliacci’s pepperoni pizza. The workers practically know me by now because I go so much. I’m not giving up my loyalty,” said Charles Gwynn ’21.

Most students are content with their usual lunch spot, but some are open to the idea of an extra pizza place in the neighborhood.

“Listen, I don’t get what the big deal is. Pizza is pizza. Honestly, the more the better. If the line’s too long at Pag’s, I’ll hop on over to Zeeks, and vice versa. I’m not opposed to either place,” Allison Burton ’22 says.

Along with others, she doesn’t see the problem with having two pizza places nearby to Prep. Some students look forward to Zeeks though and claim their willingness to give their business to the workers there.

“This might be controversial, but I’ve always liked Zeeks better. It’s a pain for me to drive all the way to one of their locations, when Pagliacci is just a minute’s walk from Prep. I’m excited to eat there next year,” stated Paolo Almario ’23.

Lucy Johnson ’24 said “In my opinion, I think both Zeeks and Pagliacci are going to get plenty of business. Let’s just hope they’re willing to compete for our business. Maybe they’ll give students a discount or change their advertising strategies. I’m just predicting a rivalry.”

Students seem to be conflicted on which pizza joint they will give their business to. Many claim they will be loyal to Pagliacci a long-time favorite pick, although some look forward to a new option and double the amount of pizza in the neighborhood.

“This is the type of change that could divide our school. I just hope we can come to unity next year. It’s just Pizza,” said Ms. Stanko.