Firepole Installed in Adelphia Staircase


A Seattle Fire Department member poses following the final inspection of the new firepole installed in Adelphia Memorial Hall. The new firepole allows greater student freedom during passing periods.

Abby Wilwerding, Staff Writer

With the reintroduction of in-person learning at Seattle Prep, students adapted to new COVID precautions when traveling around school, including the installation of a fire pole in the staircase of Adelphia Memorial Hall.
“After the first week, we realized that if we put a firepole in, students could easily take the firepole down, and the stairs up” stated the Dean of Students, Mr. Stearns.

The idea immediately gained popularity, and the firepole was installed at the beginning of last week. Directly following the dedication ceremony, the Seattle Fire Department came to lay out some rules and safety guidelines.
“With the addition of the fire pole, it was important to us to make sure we stayed on top of the safety aspect of it, so having the firemen come in to demonstrate was essential” Stearns remarked.

On March 22nd, opening day, a line started forming near the library on the 5th floor. “We were slightly anticipating this; however, we expect it to die down once the excitement around the installation lessens,” Mr. Chism, Campus Security Monitor, remarked.

It’s true; students have been eager to test it out. The general consensus is that it’s a little hard to adapt to and takes lots of arm strength, but once you get the hang of it, it’s super fun.

Students who are particularly confident have begun racing for a top speed, much to the dismay of faculty and staff. As of now, 16 mph is the speed to beat. One lesson students have learned is that you must make sure all your belongings are secured before embarking the firepole.

“One time, I accidentally left my backpack unzipped and my Hydroflask fell out, landing on a freshman that was walking up the stairs” a senior shared.

Despite this, the fire pole has been a big highlight during these unprecedented times; one student even said, “I wish all my classes were in Adelphia.”

The installation is a great feat in getting students to class efficiently and one of the best things to come out of COVID!!