Will Weighs In: Zoom fatigue is real. What offline activities do you recommend doing to get my eyes off the screen?


Will Thompson, Staff Writer

Thank you, reader, for this question. These days, it seems as though we will never escape the gridded zoom prison on our screens. But with hopes of vaccines and herd immunity in our gaze, we need offline activities to help us get us all the way there.

With that being said, let me tell you guys my favorite pre-technology activities to do. First off, having fun while also being productive is the perfect way to relax your mind and body. So, here it is: Measure out 4 parts sand, 1 part cement. Use a shovel to mix it dry on a flat surface, next add a bucket of water and an appropriate amount of lime and mortar additive and mix thoroughly. Now, you know how to make brick mortar. Start laying bricks. Time will fly, your mental health will soar. Soon, you’ll be ready to stick out the rest of our time on zoom.

My second tip for you all is to delve deep into your creative passions. For me, this comes in the form of creative writing. I have a small business on Fiverr doing commissioned Harry Potter fan-fiction for people. They give me their dream Hogwarts scenario, and my words make it come to life! For example, over the weekend someone wanted me to write about them being Hagrid’s father and teaching him the dark arts. These writings help take my mind off school and help me make a quick buck on the side. If you can find something creative that you are passionate about, zoom fatigue will fade away.

Last but not least, the absolute best way to get your mind off of zoom is baking. Following a recipe, reaching an end-goal, getting to eat it. These are very rewarding steps that help you get away from the monotony of online learning. My favorite thing to bake are cucumber and zucchini muffins. Yes, they’re as moist as they sound! Having outlets like these are essential to making it through this!