Sydney’s Top TEN: Dance Fitness Channels


Sydney Leardi

When trapped inside due to quarantine, online workouts can be just the thing to lift the spirits and maintain physical fitness.

Sydney Leardi, Staff Writer

Being at home has tested students fitness motivation. As much as many like working out, it can be difficult to find workouts that are fun and engaging. Many all-time favorite workouts are dance ones, so without further ado, here are top 10 YouTube channels that find the perfect blend between calorie-burn and hip hop!

1. Emkfit★★★★★

🕑 Average length: 20-30 minutes

This “HIIT Hop” workout makes for a great dance party. With her positive and inclusive personality, Emily Thorne takes you through about 5-6 songs per video. Following a HIIT or Tabata style, she teaches you two simple moves before each song, with plenty of modifications. Then it is 20 seconds for one move, followed by a 10-second rest, and repeated until the song ends.

2. Mike Peele ★★★★★

🕑 Average length: 30-40 minutes

Whether you are a novice or advanced hip hop dancer, Mike Peele’s workouts are the perfect combination of choreography and fitness. In just 30 minutes, Mike breaks down and takes you through each section of a dance, so at the end, not only do you have your workout for the day checked off, but you have some brand-new choreography to practice (It works with any song!)

3. Fitness Marshall ★★★★☆

🕑 Average length: 3-4 minutes

Caleb Marshall brings the energy to you with his hyped-up moves and entertaining commentary. His videos are individual song workouts so you can finally have some simple and easy choreography to that song that has been stuck in your head. With him and his two dance partners, you can squeeze in a quick workout between classes, or switch on autoplay for a whole sweat session. It is not as hard of a workout, but it still is a guaranteed calorie burner.

4. Jessica Bass Fitness ★★★★☆

🕑 Average length: 3-4 minutes

Jessica Bass’s workout videos have a similar style to the Fitness Marshall’s (in fact, they have some collab videos) but Jessica is in it for the burn! Her intense, squat-filled moves are sure to leave you with a love-hate feeling for her channel. Her song choice is immaculate and she either uploads videos with the whole studio or just a couple of dancers. Although I like to choose what songs I want to workout to, I would rather have a video complication of workouts, which is the only reason for a less than perfect rating.

5. Saskia’s Dance School ★★☆☆☆

🕑 Average length: 4-5 minutes

This Netherlands-based studio has more intermediate dance fitness, but with a little bit of practice, you are sure to get the hang of it. With a little more choreography than Fitness Marshall and Jessica Bass, Saskia’s Dance School uploads individual song workouts. They even have tutorials for some of the harder ones! I don’t like as many as the song choices as other channels, but there are still some good videos to try.

6. FitDance ★★★☆☆

🕑 Average Length: 3-4 minutes

If you are in the mood for a Latin workout, FitDance is the move for you! With the occasional pop hits, FitDance focuses on relatively simple choreography to songs from all different cultures, especially Spanish music. With ranges from beginner to intermediate, there will be a plethora of individual song videos at your level. Some videos are a little harder to get in the groove of because the choreography is not as repetitive as others but repeating the video a couple of times will help you learn it better.

7. Mandy Jiroux ★★★★☆

🕑 Average Length: 5-12 minutes

Mandy Jiroux might be my favorite person. Not only is she an excellent teacher and, but she has amazing choreography and outstanding song choices. As a professional dancer and choreographer, Mandy takes less than 15 minutes to teach you a dance. She either has the full-out dance at the beginning of her tutorial or as a separate video so you can put it on repeat as you run the dance.

8. Madfit ★★★☆☆

🕑 Average length: 15 minutes

You may know Maddie Lymburner for her killer workouts, but she is getting into the dance fitness game with her party workouts. Although her videos are a bit more fitness than dance, the workouts are so much fun and a great way to start a workout. I prefer more dance than fitness, so I don’t do her videos as often, but they are still a good one to add to your schedule.

9. Dance Tutorials (Matt Steffanina) ★★★☆☆

🕑 Average Length: 10-20 minutes

You may have heard of Matt Steffanina before or seen his incredible choreography, but did you know that you don’t have to go to L.A. to learn from the best? On his channel ‘Dance Tutorials’, he breaks down his dances. Although he does a majority of hip hop, he teaches you so many styles! In the end, you could watch the full video performances of other dancers and it is like you are right there at the Millennium Dance Complex too! His choreography and mirroring can be a bit challenging, so it is difficult to get it down one time through, which can be frustrating, but it is so worth it.

10. The Studio by Jamie Kinkeade ★★★★☆

🕑 Average Length: 15-40 or 60 minutes

With a warm smile covering her whole face, Jamie Kinkeade brings positivity and encouragement to hit workouts. She is always on her toes and is ready for everything! Bouncing? Check! Salsa? Check! Grapevine? Check! Jamie has such a great attitude and is the perfect person to get you through a hard workout. Her HIIT dance workouts are hard to beat.