Prep Teachers Share Their Peloton Bike Experience


A Peloton cycling class led by Cody Rigsby

Hannah DeGroot, Staff Writer

Covid-19 has taken a significant toll on people’s mental and physical health, so how do some teachers stay in shape? Some use a Peloton bike.

For those unfamiliar, Peloton is a studio cycling bike that has live and on-demand classes. They even have yoga, strength training, stretching, cardio, and meditation classes. Since gyms in Washington have been shut down since March 2020, and social distancing has made it challenging to jog on a trail or sidewalk, people have had to exercise at home. For Mr. Rosellini, Ms. Goodwin, Ms. O’Neil, and Ms. Slack, this meant buying or continuing to use a Peloton bike.

           Before Covid-19, many had their go-to workout. However, that all changed when the pandemic hit. Getting new bikes seems to have been a trend during quarantine, as Rosellini, O’Neil, and Slack all got their bikes during this unique time. Slack got her Peloton bike in November, Rosellini got his two months ago, and O’Neil got hers only last month. Goodwin, on the other hand, has been cycling for much longer, with over three years under her belt. She has done more than 200 cycling workouts! No matter their skill level, these teachers all find a way to enjoy their Peloton.

On the bike, there are classes for every level of rider. Whether it is a recovery day or a strength day, there is always a class to choose from. However, every Peloton user has a favorite class. For Rosellini, his go-to cycling classes are a 15-20 minute basic cycling class, a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class, or an 80s music ride. Goodwin likes a good 70s music class or a climb ride, and O’Neil also enjoys a good climb, or an intervals ride if they are not too long. Slack, however, is in it for the long haul, with any 45-minute class being her personal favorite.

Not only do most riders have a favorite class, but most also have a favorite instructor. There are so many personalities on Peloton that everyone is bound to find their favorite. They have instructors to make you laugh and ones who can give you words of encouragement during the most challenging parts of your workout. After interviewing all of the teachers, some Peloton personalities stood out from the rest. Cody Rigsby, Ally Love, and Leanne Hainsby were by far the favorites of the teachers. Rosellini likes Ally and thinks,  “She is good for a Sunday ride, to end the week off in a positive way, and make you motivated for the week!” Some like Cody because he always makes people laugh, while Leanne is popular because of her direct personality and British accent.

With most classes, students only know bits and pieces of their teacher’s life. Who knew that the Peloton trend was on the up and up at Seattle Prep? All of the teachers who were interviewed loved their Peloton bike and are incredibly glad they purchased it.

Slack said, “I wavered on getting the Peloton for months, and I am really glad that I finally got one!”

They felt it was an excellent investment for their health and helped them stay fit during quarantine. Whatever their personal workout preferences, these teachers all agree that Peloton biking has been and will continue to be a great way to keep in shape in the comfort and safety of their homes.