Weekly COVID-19 Updates- What’s going on in Our World

Alison Choi, Staff Writer

  • Researchers in the U.S. working on a vaccine hope to get it out quickly and safely. The FDA says they could get out an emergency use, authorized vaccine for people in dire condition. Authorization could not have come at a better time because, U.S. public health officials possibly face the worst public health crisis in history this winter. On December 10th, a meeting took place, in order to deny or confirm the authorization of the vaccine. While other places in the world such as the UK and Russia, already have a temporary authorization for emergency use of a COVID-19 vaccine, although many feel they cannot trust it, or it is not safe to take.


  • Washington state Governor, Jay Inslee announced two things: a three-week extension of the current COVID-19 restrictions and additional support for workers and businesses impacted by COVID-19. The three-week restriction extension, until January 4th, is a move to hopefully keep cases down because the healthcare system in Washington is dangerously near full occupancy. Inslee alongside the Department of Commerce Director Lisa Brown announced an additional $50 million for small businesses and workers to receive aid. Restaurants, fitness centers, and others that have been largely impacted by the pandemic are being prioritized.


  • Relating to our Seattle Prep community, the pandemic has changed many things into a virtual event. The annual Christmas needs, and fund drive, the Giving Tree, is now a drop off. On December 13th, from 11 am to 2:30 pm, Prep is hosting a big drop off event for the donations with some fun Christmas treats. A challenge for teachers and students are the semester finals. Taking place virtually this year, teachers have planned out their tests or projects for the students who are already busy reviewing and studying. Also, the annual freshman retreat took place virtually on December 2nd. Teachers, seniors, and juniors hosted the retreat, coming up with some fun small group activities for the freshman to engage in.