Students React to Presidential Election

Hobbs Hegedus, Staff Writer

“Relief” When asked about the election, Dario Cababa Wood ’21 responded with just one word, “Relief.” Relief, relieved, and other synonyms were found in the testimonies of Prep students interviewed about the results of the election. The Seattle area in is known as one of the biggest democratic supporters, and this year, as one of the biggest Biden supporters as the 2020 elections arose.

“I’m just glad that we will have a president who cares about what’s important, and who has good character.” Cababa Wood said when asked to further elaborate. Many Prep students are happy with the election results, some overjoyed.

“The first night when they hadn’t called it, I almost broke down. But when they finally called it, I was elated.” Said Sophia Zaboukos ’22.

As alluded to above, the election day on November third did not account for all votes yet, as poll stations were filled from the largest voter turn out in the United State’s history. It would take until November 7 for major media sources to agree Biden was the president elect. In that time, many people became anxious for the results.

“My actual reaction to the election was a mix of disbelief and joy.” Said John Calvert ’22. “Because I went to sleep early on election night when Trump was winning and woke up to Biden in the lead.”

But even though major news sources have called it, the official results have not been released by the US Congress, which will only release on January 6th. This is partially due to controversial topic of voter fraud, which the current President Donald Trump, said occurred.

“I was extremely relieved and really happy when Biden won. However, I was and am still annoyed by Trump’s claims of voter fraud and his refusal to accept his loss, but my happiness about Biden winning definitely outweighs my annoyance.” Said Jane Broderson ’21.

But while the votes are still being verified, many are hopeful for the future, including Grace Link ’22. “While Biden isn’t perfect, he is a chance to redirect our country. So, I feel overall relieved in America’s decision.”