Which Christmas Cookies Should You Whip Out This Holiday Season?


Lauren Teders, Staff Writer

Christmas cookies are a staple of the holidays, but with such variation in flavors, texture, and appearance, it can be difficult to decide which ones will be best to spend time baking. Five different cookies were made and taste tested by multiple (only slightly biased) friends and family members, who rated them and ranked their favorites. Keep in mind that everyone’s palate will favor different flavors so results will vary depending on who is asked.

A common fan favorite is the classic frosted sugar cookie. This version was a very basic dough recipe with a creamy vanilla frosting. Decorations such as colored icing, festive cookie cutouts, or sprinkles would really elevate the appearance of this cookie if someone were to make them at home. An important aspect of this cookie is keeping up a consistent cookie to frosting ratio. This frosted treat scored an average of 9/10, and is one that anyone can enjoy.

Another staple of the holiday season is the snickerdoodle. Loved for their warm, slightly tangy flavor, this cookie is fairly easy to make and very tasty to eat. Snickerdoodles can be slightly risky because they are often a hit or miss when it comes to popularity, so it’s important to know the consumers when making these. This seasonal delight scored an 8.5/10.

A dessert often seen at cookie swaps is the blossom cookie. This cookie is great for peanut butter and chocolate lovers, as it consists of a peanut butter cookie base with a Hershey’s kiss on top. Again, the success of this cookie depends heavily on whether those eating it enjoy these flavors, but if they do, these will be a hit. These averaged a 9/10, and always scored very high with peanut butter lovers.

A cookie that looks and tastes like the holiday spirit are the peppermint chocolate cookies. These have a mint chocolate flavored dough and are covered in candy cane pieces. This mix of flavors is perfect for the frosty holiday season and is well liked by chocolate lovers. These averaged an 8/10 and can be recommended to make any cookie platter look more festive.

Lastly, anyone who loves buttery shortbread and salted caramel will love the salted caramel butter bar squares. This cookie can be slightly messy with the caramel and crumbly shortbread, but the flavors are extremely decadent and satisfying. These averaged an 8/10 and are a nice bite-sized treat.

These five cookies are only a few different styles of the dozens of holiday recipes out there, however almost anyone could find one that they enjoy. Christmas cookies are a fun and timeless tradition in many households, so hopefully this list will assist in providing ideas or inspiration to someone’s baking escapades.