COVID spurs creativity in fitness


Daniel Soto Parra ’24 competing in swim meet before COVID

Kelsey Hamilton, Staff Writer

In the past, when people wanted to work out, gyms, pools, and other training facilities were all possibilities. Now, because of COVID, these places have become less of an option and people are having to seek new ways of staying fit from inside their house.

According to a UC San Francisco study, daily steps globally have decreased while stress amounts have increased. Exercise is beneficial in many ways. It helps release stress, strengthens the immune system, and helps people sleep at night. During this stressful time, exercise is a great way to stay healthy in the mind and body. Quarantine has given everyone the opportunity to branch out creatively, and there are definitely some innovative ways people are using to stay fit at home.

Eleanor and Audrey Cromett, class of 2024, play soccer for Prep and club teams. Over quarantine, they held an activity camp for their neighbors during which they led them through different sports and themes to keep them active, “With so much time on our hands it’s easy to come up with creative ways to get exercise,” Eleanor Cromett stated.

There are a variety of tools available to people at their houses even if they don’t have any equipment. With countless free YouTube videos and online workout programs like SELF and Chloe Ting that offer step by step workouts on how to stay fit, the possibilities are endless! Many Prep students, faculty, and staff alike are using programs like these.

Daniel Soto Parra ’24 does cross country and is on the swim team for Seattle Prep and another club team. Before COVID, he used to have swim practices three times a week and cross-country practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Now, of course, he can’t do that. Soto Parra’s at home fitness plan varies from following online workouts to doing workouts sent out by his swim coach. Even though circumstances have changed, he still feels like his fitness is better than before COVID because he isn’t as busy, “I didn’t have time to do anything,” Soto Parra explained.

Cromett participates in Prep and club soccer. A typical week of fitness for her before COVID was six days of soccer. Four days of club soccer and two days of school soccer. Now, Cromett is using resources provided by the internet and her coach to stay fit. Cromett stated how she found herself working out more during quarantine than before, “Exercise has kept me busy throughout quarantine because it’s one of the only things I can do.”

Staying fit is different for each person based on their interests and abilities. There are many options such as taking an online class, exercising with family, just being outdoors and getting fresh air on a walk, and many more. Once COVID has eased and vaccines become available, gyms, pools, and other training facilities alike will slowly reopen, but until then, many people are relying on their own creativity and perseverance to develop a contactless fitness program that works for them.