PULSE takes the stage: This time, at home.

Hmm…. Iggy can’t seem to find his PULSE… PULSE… PULSE… PULSE… PULSE!


Isabel Jackman ’22, Grace Tawatao ’21, Courtney Stockwell ’24, and Hanna Roth ’23

Emi Nakata, Staff Writer

The Seattle Prep PULSE Dance Team is well-known for its entertaining and high-energy performances at school assemblies, sporting events, showcases in the greater Seattle area, and even Tacoma Dome half-times. But, with the challenges of COVID-19, PULSE has had to brainstorm new and creative ways to continue performing for the Seattle Prep community and beyond.

PULSE members truly value the support, excitement, and hype from the Prep community. Receiving affirmations from classmates, faculty, and parents brings dancers immense joy. The dancers love sharing their passion for dance and work incredibly hard to prepare for live performances. Aara Meas, a coach, shared that PULSE is “so grateful that God continues to bless [them] with His gifts of dance, performance, and creativity and there’s nothing more that [they] want than to share those gifts—especially during this holiday season!”

With Prep’s virtual format and constant fluctuations in the COVID-19 restrictions, in-person performances are no longer an option. When asked about the lack of live performances in front of the Prep community, Isabel Jackman ‘22 said, “…this time has truly shown me how much I miss it and can’t wait to have it again.”

Video performances have become the next big thing for PULSE this year! This holiday season PULSE will release video performances for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, each focusing on a different theme the dancers deem important to the community and world.

The coaches, Aara Meas and Bei Bernal, and captains, Alex Battle ’21, Emi Nakata ’22, and Hanna Roth ’23, have had to adapt and problem solve on the fly, developing Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, and sometimes, Plan D as well. Meanwhile, the dancers have been very flexible, not just physically, but also with the uncertainty of their rehearsals and performances.

For the safety of the dancers and their families this holiday season, PULSE has altered their video shoot process to allow dancers to remain in their own bubble. PULSE no longer gathers on campus to film; instead, the dancers film in the comfort of their own homes and forward their videos to their coach, Aara Meas, captain, Emi Nakata ’22, and team member, Shanti Davis ’23, to edit and bring the dances to life. Junior Daniela Castillo-Cayon, a dancer on PULSE, said, “Creating a dance video is not an easy task. Everyone must do their part and be committed to showing up to practice, learning dances on their own time, and even filming themselves do the dances they learn.”

Being a part of PULSE does not depend on the dancer’s level or prior experience, it is about becoming part of a family that roots for each other’s success both on the stage and in their personal lives. Captain, Hanna Roth ’23, explained how she has “seen so many people from [the] team reach out to others to talk, confide in one another for advice, and see new friendships form.”

Despite having to dance in small numbers or independently, PULSE continues to welcome new members to its family. Senior Grace Tawatao would like the students of Seattle Prep to know that “Everyone should definitely consider joining PULSE, even if they can’t dance.”

For more information about PULSE or how to join, please contact [email protected] or check out their social media posts. Stay tuned for the upcoming releases of PULSE’s Christmas and New Years’ performances!

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