Seattle Prep students Ranting and Raving about Breakout Rooms.


Beni Jurion, Managing Editor

Everyday hundreds of students at Seattle Prep join breakout rooms during their classes. In most classes, these breakout rooms have become an integral part of how online schooling works. Whether the student is on Zoom or on Teams, they all experience this feature. However, the everyday experiences of breakout rooms have resulted in a wide range of opinions on this Zoom feature. Below are some of these student perspectives:



“I appreciate them because it’s nice to be able to talk to classmates! This is especially nice, because I am able to see classmates who I don’t see out of school and haven’t seen them in a while. They’re also very helpful to have when doing a long assignment, because we are able to split up the work or work collaboratively.” -BR

“They’re very productive but only with around 3 people.”- JH

“Breakout rooms are a good break to have from teacher’s lecturing for so long.” -MT

“I find that breakout rooms are a good way to somewhat create the experience of being in a classroom and being able to work in groups.”- MS


“Simply put it…It is extremely awkward”- FD

“Breakout rooms are very awkward if its less than 4 people”- PK

“As I have to attend breakout rooms almost twice per class, they’re very exhausting.”- IO

“I am not a fan at all of when you join a breakout room and it is very awkward because no one is speaking and every time you ask a question no one responds. It is so frustrating!” -KR


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