Students Adapt to New Sports Practice Formats

Caroline Casey, Staff Writer

Sports have been one of Prep’s biggest losses with the pandemic, and many student athletes have been eager to resume their favorite activities. As for now, the WIAA (Washington Interscholastic Activities Association) has come out with the new seasons, regulations, and policies. The WIAA has used benchmark COVID case rates to determine these high school sport guidelines for each county. During this time of uncertainty with Prep athletics, many sports teams have been participating in offseason training such as lifting, social distance playing, pod trainings, and speed training with the school.

Senior Molly Bevan ’21 is the captain of both varsity Lacrosse and Girls’ Swim teams. Bevan said she is, “Excited that we will still get to have a season even if it is shorter than normal because I am a senior and it will be my last season. I am definitely upset that we cannot actually swim or play lacrosse right now, but it is still great to see everyone”.

For swim, she has led and been participating in weekly trainings with masks and zoom calls. For lacrosse, she has been having practice twice a week where they do conditioning and stick work in pods.

Bevan ’21 said, “These trainings have been good, and it is nice to meet new freshmen and help welcome them to the team. It is also nice to see coaches and teammates again. Trainings give me something to do and always look forward to. I hope my teams will continue to get together for workouts”.

Freshman Charles Casey ’24 is planning on playing Freshmen football this year. He said, “We have been doing strength and conditioning and are now in pods of 5 doing drills for positions. I am excited for freshmen football because I can meet new people and football is fun”.

For football, specific guidelines include balls may be passed/shared provided students wash their hands before and after the practice, 6 feet social distancing, 30 feet pods, equipment must be cleaned, everyone can practice at the same time, and at Prep practices are 2 hours. Games for varsity start in February.

Erik Austin ’21 is on the track and field team. The WIAA guidelines for track this year allow the team to practice in small groups in an outdoor setting with masks. Before each practice the students fill out forms to ensure safety and health. Erik said, “With the guidelines and rules, practice feels like a safe environment given the current circumstances. We are able to run practice like normal because it is not a contact sport”.

Austin 21’ said, “My hope is to be able to compete at a track meet. I am most excited for the experience of being a senior on the track team and being able to lead the underclassmen. I also hope to run a sub 13 second 100m”.

Students are very excited to get back out and start play again. To find more information about the guidelines for each sport and each phase, download the WIAA app or visit their website.