COVID-19 in the Oval Office

Gael Loor, Staff Writer

The coronavirus pandemic has swept the nation at an alarming rate. One possible early source of the first reported U.S. case came from Washington State, after a man came back from a visit to Wuhan, China. Since then, according to a United States coronavirus summary, there have been over 7 million cases of the virus in the United States.

On October 1st, President Donald Trump tested positive for Covid-19. This was announcement came soon after Trump’s close aid, Stephen Miller, tested positive. The virus quickly spread throughout the White House as senators and other White House officials started to show symptoms. Two days later, the President was seen wearing a mask as he was being transferred to the Walter Reed National Military Center as a safety precaution. This photograph was shocking as Trump had been publicly downplaying the effectiveness masks had, even mocking others, such as Joe Biden, for wearing one.

Media outlets said that Trump’s symptoms included a low-grade fever. Other than that, the President claimed that he felt well. Trump was treated with an experimental drug “cocktail” and was given antiviral medications. In less than a week the president went to Twitter claiming that he was fully recovered and supposedly immune. Trump’s physician, Sean Conley, publicly stated, “I am happy to report the president is doing very well” and that he did not need supplemental oxygen. Trump caught the virus just after the first presidential debate which meant that the second one would be set to be virtual; but Trump refused to attend saying, “I am not going to waste my time on a virtual debate.” After spending three days at the hospital, the President returned to the White House and was publicly seen taking off a mask after he was seen wearing one just a few days before.

There has been a lot of controversy around the whole ordeal. People question Trump’s speedy recovery and whether he is truly immune. Furthermore, Trump seems to act as if he never got the virus as he has returned to office and is continuing to attend rallies for his campaign.

Many people as well as AP Government Teacher Mr. Arthur believe that it “is a horrible message to send to Americans.”

Junior Sam Lain-Hedden adds, “I think he might have been lying about having Covid-19 to increase his chances of reelection.”

Americans are split on the whole ordeal some thinking the whole situation was a ruse. Trump faced some backlash after a speech he gave in which he said, “Don’t let [the virus] dominate. Don’t let it take over your lives. Don’t let it happen.” This upset a lot of people, as Trump received special treatment that isn’t available to your average American.

While cases continue to rise, Americans are anxious to get back to their normal lives and daily activities. Scientists are still working hard to procure a vaccine. The FDA issued guidelines with recommendations for vaccine sponsors as well as scientific data and information regarding the virus.