Students get Creative in their Online Learning Environment


Abby Wilwerding, Staff Writer

Last fall, Prep students enjoyed being at campus and learning with their peers. However, this year, they have adapted to learning at home and implemented ideas in order to make the best of the situation.

Senior Kate Allen’s plan of creating what she calls a “learning pod” has been a huge success. In order to be COVID-19 compliant, Allen and three other friends; Bobby Larson, Addie Roza, and Owen Nelson, set up giant tents in Allen’s backyard. They have tables, chairs, and extension cords, everything needed for an effective learning environment. According to Allen, “its motivating, collaborative, and social.”

To simulate being at school, Tim Doggett ’23 changes his setup constantly. For classes that require a hefty amount of notetaking, Doggett sits at a desk. For classes where he can move around, he prefers his garage. And if the class is lecture-based, he will sit on his couch in the sunroom “just like how therapy sessions are portrayed on TV,” he explained.

Similarly, Nora Conaty ’22 said her location varies day-to-day. “Usually, I’m at my desk in my room, my dad’s office, or in our playhouse in the backyard, which is super quiet and great for Zooms.” 

Understandably so, her goal is avoiding the chaos that’s inevitable with her eight siblings all learning under the same roof. The Huddleston triplets, Hannah, Rosie, and William are adapting to their freshman year well and have developed an effective method for online school. “We all Zoom in different rooms on different floors to avoid distracting each other,” said Hannah.

When it comes time for homework, however, they are eager to work together. “We like to compare notes and study for tests together, it’s very productive and makes us feel less isolated,” William added.

Conaty had the same idea, as she frequently does homework in the kitchen with her siblings. Allen agreed, saying she’s “most productive in the learning pod because we all hold each other accountable to stay focused.”

Although students are eager to get back to campus, they have embraced the true spirit of Prep in their dedication to make the best of online learning.