“Criminal Minds” Takes Over Prep Netflix Viewers

Cece Brown, Visuals Editor

“Tiger King,” “Outer Banks,” and “Gossip Girl ” are some of the top shows that were watched throughout quarantine over the summer. But one of the most notable might be “Criminal Minds.” It is a show that follows the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) of the FBI around on their many cases that has taken over Prep Netflix viewers. A Prep Instagram poll recently showed that 43% of the Prep Instagram followers watch Criminal Minds!

With an impressive 15 seasons of the show, it is sure to keep watchers entertained for an extensive amount of time. One of the many Prep students who has been watching the show is Maggie Green class of 2021. She began to re-watch the show at the start of quarantine to cure her boredom. She is watching it for the second time and is on the eighth season. She said, “I like it because I love the psychology side of the show and the characters are amazing.”

With each episode having a new murder or abduction case for the BAU to solve, it is sure to keep the viewers engaged. The show delves into both views of the team and the potential murderer or “unsub” (unknown subject) that the BAU is searching for.  Also, an upside of the show is that endings are (mostly) happy, with the victim being rescued just in time. Green’s favorite episode (9×12) highlights the back story of Penelope Garcia (Kristen Vangsness), the technical analyst who can practically find anything about anyone online.

Clare Shigo ’23 started watching the show in June and has now watched up to season six. Her favorite character is Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), who has an IQ of 187 and three BAs and three PhDs. As the youngest member of the team he brings a plethora of intelligence to the cases.

Michael Hyde ’21 has been watching “Criminal Minds” all summer and is now on season seven. He enjoys watching it because “it delves into the fascinating work of a lesser known part of law enforcement.”

Watchers might feel inspired to pursue a career in the FBI after watching the show. Although the BAU on “Criminal Minds” might be exaggerated, there is still an area of the FBI that has a similar job. It is a unit of the best agents, so there’s hope for all the aspiring BAU agents that the show has created.  From the show it seems that there are lots of trips on the private jets and paperwork, on top of solving murder and abduction cases.

Carolyn Schrock ’23 is on season 11 and has been watching for a year now. She enjoys the show it because “it talks a lot about the human behavior and why people do bad things.” The show gives a psychological aspect of the unsubs and why they committed the crime that they are being convicted for. So, if there’s a show to be watching right now, as the state is still quarantining, it’s “Criminal Minds.”